Common prices for the filling of Rigips

The filling of plasterboard is called typical drywall work. The technical requirements do not necessarily require training in the painting trade. The prices including material are cheaper than common painting and wallpapering. Usually running meters are settled and punctual closures are included.

On-site price criteria

If new plasterboards have been installed, for example, in the construction of an attic or for suspending a ceiling, necessary putty work is limited to closing the joints and screw holes. The filling can be done with or without subsequent grinding. If painting is planned, sanding is recommended. For wallpapering can be dispensed with.

The putty effort depends on the number of corners in the interior. Large flat surfaces such as room walls require the least amount of work. If cladding and pedestals such as the plumbing of sanitary facilities many small surfaces and edges or open corners arise, the effort increases. Edges should be reinforced to later form optically clean and rectangular shutters.

Old stock and repair costs

The prices for filling and grinding old plasterboards vary greatly. Any removal of old coverings such as wallpaper will be charged separately. The state of preservation determines the amount of filler. If holes, cracks and slits are present, usually square meter flat rates are negotiated.

The aids such as the costs for the putty and possibly used fabric tape is included in the standard price of the craftsman in the normal case. Additional costs may arise for corner and edge reinforcements such as metal strips.

Price margins for common putty work

  • Joints and screw holes on new panels close at three euros per meter
  • Fill edges and corners with reinforcement from five euros per running meter
  • Extensive filling with damage compensation from ten euros per square meter
  • Large-area filling with fabric tape and leveling from twelve euros per square meter
  • Remove old paint or wallpaper from 2.50 euros per square meter
  • Sanding the filled surfaces between twenty and fifty percent surcharge
  • Fill, prime and paint from 20 euros per square meter

Tips & Tricks

Depending on your personal requirements and the planned surface coverings, you can choose between four quality levels. For plaster the lowest level is sufficient, for woodchip you should choose a medium quality and for paintings the highest. Per level you have to expect about 25 percent higher prices.

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