The owner community at the row house

To organize life within a terraced house, ownership communities are often formed. In this article, you will learn what a community of owners is, how it usually works, and what your responsibilities are.

Community organization

A community of owners consists of all owners who own a part of the row house. It decides on cost issues, determines the formation of financial reserves (for any repairs, renovations, etc.) and decides whether and when something is changed at the house. As a rule, each owner has one vote in the so-called owner's meeting. Within this framework, decisions based on votes are taken.

The division declaration

In order to determine who owns how much of the terraced house, a so-called division declaration is compulsory: to write by the landowner and submit it to the Land Registry, it determines co-ownership shares and describes certain uses. Make sure that you are not disadvantaged here as the owner, because once the divisional declaration is valid, it can only be revised with the consent of all owners.

The owner community at the row house: owner

The community order - the "law" of the terraced house

All the important rules concerning the relationship of terraced house owners are laid down in the Community regulations. This can be considered as the applicable "law" in the terraced house, as each owner is obliged to comply.

In addition to the voting rights of the individual owners and the rules for the owners' meeting, what is shared and what is separate property, ie the private property of the individual resident, is determined here. In addition, the Community rules describe the use of communal facilities (for example the laundry room) as well as special use rights for individual owners (for example for disabled parking spaces).

Inform yourself

It is important that you thoroughly understand the applicable rules of a homeowner association before entering. Otherwise, it may happen, for example, that the Community is planning a big renovation project and you, like any other owner, have to pay. If you are unsure, you should seek the help of a lawyer who is familiar with such regulations.

Tips & Tricks

Before joining a community, think about the pros and cons of this community. Many people feel too dependent on others' decisions and consciously avoid ownership communities.

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