Responsible chimney sweep - where can you find it?

If you have built a new house or bought a house in a new area, you have to make sure that the responsible chimney sweep first of all takes the equipment in the house and then approves its operation.

Guild gives information

One way to determine the district chimney sweep, is the chimney sweep guild. It is available in the local telephone books or on the Internet. Information can also give the Chamber of Crafts, if there is perhaps no office of the Guild at the place.

BAFA leads the register

In the meantime, you no longer have to select the district chimney sweep for every job, but you can also hire free chimney sweeps, which are often cheaper. These must be registered with the BAFA as well as the responsible district chimney sweep.

On the website of BAFA there is a link register information. About this link you get automated information about the responsible chimney sweep. However, by telephone or in writing there is no information.

What information do you get?

In the information the name of the chimney sweep or the craft enterprise is given, who carries out the works. Likewise one will be able to recognize there the address and the registering place, but the telephone numbers of the chimney sweep are not noted here unfortunately.

Since you still have to explore the phone number yourself, it may be better to ask the nearest neighbor who the responsible chimney sweep is in the district. At the same time you get some information about the appointment and the general customer friendliness.

What does BAFA mean?

BAFA is the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. She keeps registers of audited companies for many professions.

Sovereign activities of the responsible chimney sweep

Since January 1, 2013, homeowners have been able to hire a few chimney sweeps other than the district chimney sweep to do some work. Since then they must also ensure that all necessary work is carried out at the right intervals.

These sovereign activities are the responsibility of the district chimney sweep.

  • Fireplace show of all plants and chimneys at regular intervals
  • Acceptance of new equipment and chimneys
  • Issue a fire station notice
  • Carry out officially ordered measures

Tips & Tricks

If you exercise your right to a free choice of the chimney sweep, you should be aware that you take a lot of responsibility with it. The dates specified in the fireplace permit must be strictly adhered to.

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