Complete shower cubicles at a glance

The times of purely functional shower cubicles is over. Pure wet cells have become attractive and elegant wellness oases. Complete shower enclosures are available in every conceivable form and style. Floor plans from square to rectangular to half round or round can be adapted to the style and size of the bathroom. Shower walls made of safe real glass or acrylic make your shower a splash-protected feel-good place. Using a variety of water supply techniques, you can enjoy water in all its intensities and shapes in your shower cubicle, from massage through a steam bath to the tropical rain.

Simple construction with all functions

A big advantage of the commercially available complete shower cubicles is the ease of installation and the low structural preparation measures. In addition to the substructure you need a water connection and a drain, for shower cabins with steam function two water connections. The enclosed shower enclosure integrates all the features you desire. From the roof-mounted rainwater jets on a side shower panel with massage jets to the dual function of a steam shower the choice ranges. The complete shower cubicles can be built free-standing in the bathroom or find their place according to architectural conditions in a niche or corner. For mounting without drilling holes in tiles or tiles, most manufacturers have special designs for shower cubicles ready.

Buy complete shower cubicles at the hardware store or the Internet

Complete kits for a shower cubicle including all the technology you can buy packed and easily build even in your bathroom. In DIY stores or on price comparison sites on the Internet such as or under the keyword shower cubicles good overviews of offers from renowned manufacturers. Companies like Breuer, Dusar, Schulte and many others offer the majority of their complete shower cubicles between two hundred and eight hundred euros. After the initial orientation, a more in-depth search on the respective websites of the individual manufacturers makes sense. They usually offer an online configurator, in which you can enter your exact ideas and conditions in detail and immediately receive an individualized offer overview. From dimension to materials to interior design, you can "craft" your desired shower cubicle completely together.

Complete shower cubicles at a glance: cubicles

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