Seal composite windows well - these tricks help

At first glance, composite windows are the same as double glazing. However, there are significant differences in quality. Composite windows tend not only to leak around the outside of the pane, but also the two slices allow air and moisture to adhere to the interlayer over time. How to seal a composite window, we show right here.

Determine error source

First of all, you have to check if the moisture is between the two individual panes or if the composite windows are only fogged from the outside. At the edge of the panes, composite windows can easily leak, which is an easy fix.

Moisture between the composite discs

The two slices of a compound window are, as the name already suggests, interconnected. Through a rail or foil, usually made of aluminum, the space between the discs is sealed. After many years, this seal will of course eventually leak and the composite windows show one of their most common problems, condensation between the panes.

The problem can be solved, but this is usually not worthwhile today, because the entire composite window is simply from another time and in terms of energy is no longer up to date.

Sealing the composite window

For a wooden window, the strip should be removed from the inside of the pane, then the area is well scraped out with a spatula and the pane is completely enclosed with high-quality silicone. Then the bar is put on again.

Seal plastic windows

Depending on the extent of the problem, the strip can first be removed from the plastic window to perform a relining with silicone. But most of the time it's not necessary. It is sufficient if the pane is newly bordered with silicone along the inner frame.

If necessary, today there are also black silicone, with which you can replace the old possibly shrunken rubber seals well outside.

Tips & Tricks

As elaborate as that may be, but composite windows just have it behind them. They no longer fulfill the energy saving regulations. You should keep an eye on the cost of each action and not throw your money out for pointless repairs if the window may need replacing soon.

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