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  • By means of pistons or screws compressors sucked air in the device housing together and give it with great pressure again. Thanks to this mode of operation, they are also often called compressors.
  • Compressors are designed for a variety of applications. Cordless and mini-compressors are suitable for pumping up tires for bicycles and cars, while compressed air compressors, which you can connect to the power supply by cable, can generate enough power to operate pneumatic tools such as tackers and percussion drills.
  • Large stationary compressors must be inspected by TÜV every 5 (internal test) or 10 (pressure test) years. The purpose of the investigation is to ensure that the air compressor is still working effectively and that all seals are able to withstand the pressure generated inside the device. Mobile compressors, the objects of our comparison, need not be presented to the testing institution.

Compressor comparison 2018: comparison

Whenever you have to go fast and you have to hurry to the next appointment, your bike has a flat tire. In the hustle and bustle, the bicycle pump is pulled out, which must first hold on the valve of the bicycle tire. precious The time required for manual inflation can be saved with a compressor, Whether it's a bicycle or a swimming gear: in no time are not only tires filled, but also air mattresses. Even compressed air tools can supply you with compressed air with compressors.

Compressor comparison 2018: comparison

Convenient for working: Compressors make pumping easier and are not just for inflating air mattresses.

We would like to thank you in our purchase advice to better understand the key factors of performance, suction capacity, working pressure and boiler contentsso that you can find the best compressor for your purpose. Our 2018 Compressor Comparison also tells you which operation information is relevant to you if you just want to inflate tires or work with tools.

1. Better than a hair dryer: compressors compress air and release with great force

As a compress in the medical field applies pressure to a wound to stop bleeding, a compressor also applies pressure. It sucks in air or is filled with another gas to condense it inside. The so compressed air is released at high pressure in large quantities.

You can use air compressors, whether as a mobile or stationary model, for two different application areas use:

Compressor comparison 2018: 2018

This compressed air accessories set from Güde turns your compressor into a multifunctional tool for home improvement.
  • for inflating balls and tires (for example, bicycles, wheelchairs or cars)
  • to operate of compressed air devices

Compressed air devices are often used in domestic garages, in renovation work or in craft shops application. A small selection of other, related comparisons should give you a feel for the topic.

  • For comparison, the pneumatic nailer
  • To compare the sandblasting guns
  • For comparison, the eccentric grinder

2. Press or turn? Overview of compressor types

Following you want the different ways of working the air compressors bring closer. Both types are available as battery, mini, mains or gasoline compressors to buy.

piston compressorscrew compressors

Compressor comparison 2018: compressors

Compressor comparison 2018: compressors

The reciprocating compressor finds its most popular application in combustion engines.

Connected to a crankshaft via a connecting rod, the piston moves and compresses gases.

With the compressor, the resulting Pressure used to expel high-strength air.

Two connected shafts drive screws, which are interlocked. Their movement compresses the gas.

Screw compressors are characterized by their constantly produced pressure and are used above all in industry and crafts.

The high purchase price deters before buying for home use.

Conclusion: Piston compressors are perfectly adequate for typical home improvement work. With them you can inflate tires or air mattresses as well as operate compressed air tools. Screw compressors are expensive to buy and are therefore more commonly used in construction operations, as their performance in home improvement is never fully utilized.

3. More power means more power: Purchase criteria for compressors at a glance

3.1. The performance of the compressors: Mains operated compressors convince by strong air pressure

As you can also see in our table, there are different types of compressors. On Cordless compressor is mobile and suitable for inflating bicycle or car tiresBut in terms of pressure and volume, it also has to put up with clear losses compared with a stationary and mains or gasoline-driven compressor.

Compare the performance specifications of the compressors only within the same product category in order to make a well-founded distinction of the operating values.

If you are looking for a lhigh-performance air compressor, which you can transport comfortablyLook for a reciprocating compressor that can be pulled behind you like a cart by means of attached rollers below the boiler. With a power consumption of between 1,100 and 1,800 watts, the devices consume approximately the same amount of power per hour of operation as an approximately 10-year-old vacuum cleaner. But you can also use compressed air tools with these performance values.

3.2. The maximum intake capacity: the higher the intake, the better the delivery

Compressor comparison 2018: compressors

Compressors are useful companions for DIY enthusiasts. Pneumatic nailers save you the hassle of hammering.

The volume of air is given in liters. The more liters of air a compressor can suck per minute (l / min), the greater its intake capacity. This in turn has an effect on how much compressed air the compressor works with and how much material it has for compaction and subsequent discharge.

When inflating an air mattress enough 15 to 20 liters per minute, so that nothing stands in the way of sleeping comfort or bathing fun. Would you like one Operate compressed air tool, pay attention to a minimum suction capacity of 200 l / minso that the nails of a pneumatic nailer also land unerringly in the wood and not misdirected in your foot.

  • For comparison of safety shoes

3.3. Maximum pressure and power output

Compressor comparison 2018: compressor

Do not use with the pressure gauge on the car: Compressors with integrated pressure indicator help you to fill your car tire safely.

After compressing the gas in his tank (usually air), the compressor ejects it with strong force. The maximum working pressure of the compressors is indicated by the manufacturers in the unit of measure Bar. If you buy a high quality compressor, the should be Pressure easy and stepless vary over a regulator to let. While you should only set a low pressure of 6 bar to inflate a bicycle tire, your compressor must already be able to supply 10 bar to start up an airbrush gun.

  • To compare the airbrush compressors

The output power of a compressor shows how much air a minute a compressor delivers under specific pressure settings. The higher the pressure of the compressor, the greater the amount of compressed air discharged.

3.4. The contents of the boiler: Air reserve ensures delay-free work

Compressor comparison 2018: compressors

With the right compressor accessories, your compressor turns into a paint sprayer.

Small battery and mini-compressors rarely have a boiler by storing a supply of compressed air while working. Large reciprocating compressors usually have such a boiler.Thus, the air is not sucked in parallel and ejected compressed again, but remains partly as a reserve in the boiler.

This will not leave the air in your compressor when working with pneumatic tools. Standard boilers hold 24 liters of air that are perfectly adequateso that it does not come to unnecessary waiting while working with Drucklufttackern and impact wrenches.

3.5. The Weight: Cordless compressors weigh only a few kilograms

Compressor comparison 2018: comparison

Mobile compressors are quiet and portable.

If you decide to purchase a mains-powered compressor, it will be near the outlet and will supply you and your tools with air. The play average 20 kg weight of mains operated compressors a minor role.

However, if it is important for you to be able to transport the compressor, we recommend that you buy a rechargeable battery compressor. The devices arewith a weight of up to 3 kilograms, although easy to liftHowever, fatigue symptoms in the arm do not remain with longer working time.

4. The results of other magazines: No compressor test winner

Washed with all oils

Stationary compressors, such as those used in the industry, must be fed with special compressor oil to maintain their functionality. Older DDR compressors are also to be filled with oil. In our comparison you will find only oil-free compressors.

Although Stiftung Warentest regularly tests tools and other home improvement equipment, it has not yet performed a compressor test. Other home improvement magazines, such as the magazine Himself is the manHowever, the compressors have caught the eye.

In various articles on the subject, the journal emphasizes the selection of compressors in terms of application. So it is proven that it is quite too Work breaks during the operation of pneumatic nailers and impact wrenches comes.

Thus, a compressor with a permanent working volume of 6 liters of air would suffice for its comfortable operation. In contrast, impact wrenches are well supplied with a flow rate of 150 liters of air per minute.

If you would like to buy a high-quality device, we recommend a look at our comparison table and our compressor comparison winner. It does not always have to be a Güde compressor. We can also recommend you the compressors of Einhell and Scheppach and the following brandsthat impress with both low-priced compressors and professional models:

  • Aerotec
  • Aircraft
  • Farmer
  • Boge
  • Bosch
  • Dema
  • Einhell
  • güde
  • Hercules
  • Makita
  • Metabo
  • Rothenberger
  • rowi
  • Stanley
  • Scheppach
  • cutter
  • Würth

In the following table we summarize the most popular applications of compressors and associated operating values together.

scope of applicationrecommended air volume (l / min)recommended air pressure (bar)
Inflate balls and bicycle tires10 - 202 - 4
Inflate car tires 353 - 6
Using air compressors 60 6
Use of impact wrenches and sandblasting equipment 150 8

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