Exposed concrete and its versatility

Fairfaced concrete means a type of concrete in which the surface reflects the structure of the formwork or other desired structure after hardening. Exposed concrete can be used for decoration as well as for artistic design. How versatile fair-faced concrete can actually be is shown in this article.

Exposed concrete in the architecture

For a long time, one knew only the conventional concrete used and thought about the design of the concrete surfaces little thought. But with the discovery of exposed concrete, that changed.

It began to make surfaces active. The top layers of concrete were made of extra-fine concrete, which was very fluid and produced a particularly smooth and fine surface, which still reflected the structure of the formwork parts. From then on, they began to design exposed concrete consciously and actively and to use it selectively in buildings as well.

Already in 1910, the first churches were equipped with exposed concrete facades, including the Ulm Pauluskirche. The second Goetheanum in Dornach was also built in 1928 as exposed concrete construction. From then on, exposed concrete in architecture has always been popular as a design tool and still is today.

Today it is above all the architect Tadao Ando, ​​who is considered a specialist in designing with exposed concrete. He plays a pioneering role in the use of exposed concrete in all building areas.

Exposed concrete in the interior

Floors made of exposed concrete were the first interior architectural applications of exposed concrete, exposed concrete walls followed shortly thereafter. Today, fair-faced concrete is used as a means of interior design, both indoors and outdoors:

  • Interior walls and floors
  • Staircases made of exposed concrete
  • Countertops in the kitchen made of exposed concrete

Fairfaced concrete has long since begun its triumphal procession in the interior. Even if individual weaknesses of the material cause many a homeowner headaches, such as the unavoidable and clearly visible wear in the main passage of a concrete concrete staircase.

Exposed concrete in art

The design with exposed concrete is also a special artistic branch of sculpture. Sculptures and sculptures made of exposed concrete have their own charm and have become sought-after works of art. Fairfaced concrete can be combined particularly well with different types of wood, as both materials complement each other visually particularly well.

Exposed concrete on the highway

Also bridge piers on highways must be designed according to a directive of the motorway authority because of the more aesthetic appearance as exposed concrete.

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