Cast concrete blocks yourself in a formwork

If you want to cast concrete blocks yourself, you have two options for the cladding. Many manufacturers offer ready-made molds made of plastic, which allow many different surface structures. From clinker structures over smooth surfaces and wood imitations to grass pavers, all conceivable forms and optics are available.

The alternative is the construction of a formwork of wooden boards, which follow the principle of casting a concrete base. For simple concrete blocks, a large formwork with intermediate webs enables the casting of several concrete blocks in a single operation. The bottom of the formwork is a wooden plank or a wooden board.

Decisive for the break-free and damage-free detachment of the set and dried concrete block is the coating of the inner formwork surfaces with release agent or formwork oil. The type of cement used and the additives must be selected accordingly. The concrete can be made relatively viscous, as this will prevent seepage through the formwork joints.

Video Board: 4 Methods of building concrete formwork