Suspend a concrete ceiling with plasterboard

If there is an unheated room above an uninsulated concrete floor, then a lot of heat is lost upwards. A ceiling cladding with incorporated thermal insulation helps. Suspending the concrete floor can also be worthwhile for purely aesthetic reasons, because a plasterboard cover can be designed as desired.

Hang concrete pavement: how it works!

A concrete ceiling is just as easy to dress up by a skilled handyman as any other ceiling. Only drilling in concrete is a bit more difficult, but succeeds with the right technology and the right tool.

First, screw a substructure made of squared timbers onto the concrete floor, in between you clamp the insulation boards. If necessary, staple a vapor barrier film over it.

Then attach the plasterboard cut plasterboards to the wooden structure. Then the Rigips slats are primed with Tiefgrund and neatly troweled.

Tips & Tricks

Chamfer the cut edges of your plasterboards with the help of the cutter knife, then you can fill the joints better.

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