Clean exposed concrete - this is the best way to do it

Exposed concrete is considered to be less aesthetic, but very resistant and durable. Dirt can still occur, even moss and blackening are not uncommon in exposed concrete. How best to clean this and how to prevent soiling permanently, read here.

Cleaner for exposed concrete

Most soiling, which is mainly due to the weather, can be easily removed with high-pressure cleaners. Chemical agents are usually not necessary because the concrete surface is very resistant to many pollution effects.

Other cleaning agents are usually not necessary. This also applies to so-called construction concrete - exposed concrete used for furniture or worktops indoors. This type of exposed concrete is becoming increasingly popular. The material is more acid-resistant than that used for outdoor exposed concrete. The bulk density is roughly equivalent to granite, which makes the construction concrete particularly resistant.

Only in special cases can so-called etchings be caused by the long-term effect of liquids. The resulting stains are often difficult to remove.

Preventive protection against pollution

Here are several ways that make concrete much more resistant to pollution:

  • Hydrophobing (ie making the concrete liquid repellent to avoid stains)
  • Sealing (can also be done in color)
  • Sanding and sealing (creates highly smooth, shiny and visually appealing exposed concrete surfaces)

A hydrophobing is usually offered by specialist companies. Smooth grinding and sealing means a high work and therefore cost, but often worth it alone because of the look. Straight concrete floors can be so significantly upgraded. On a further floor covering can then be omitted, which in turn results in a cost savings.

Ground and sealed concrete surfaces are resistant to any type of contamination. In addition, the color shades of the concrete create a visually interesting and varied surface. Fair-faced concrete can also be sanded very smoothly until it shines.

Tips & Tricks

When building concrete furniture, always pay attention to the type of concrete, the density and the aftertreatment. This gives you information about how sensitive or insensitive the concrete surface is to soiling.

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