Grind concrete floors - you have to expect these costs

An interesting alternative to a floor covering may be a ground concrete floor or screed floor. What used to be reserved mainly for commercial buildings, is now also increasingly being used as an interesting design and stylistic device in the private living area. With what costs you have to expect in such grounds, read here.

Exposed concrete and screed

If you plan from the outset to use a concrete floor or a screed as the actual floor covering, you should from the outset put on exposed concrete or screed.

The differences in exposed concrete and screed are mainly in the nature of Oberlfäche and pore size and in the more balanced appearance. The surface, which is already smoother from the outset, is easier to grind and polish later.

However, as a fair-faced concrete and a screed are much more difficult to produce, one must expect a corresponding addition to screed installation here.

Surcharges and prices vary depending on the company and the type of implementation, but on average you can expect additional costs of around 12 EUR per m².

Cost of grinding and polishing

For a cost estimate, the following factors have to be considered:

  • Starting material (screed, visual screed, exposed concrete)
  • New building or existing floor
  • area size
  • ground plan
  • desired execution quality
  • Type of use (heavy-duty commercial floors cause much higher costs than ordinary residential floors in private buildings)

All of these factors have a major impact on the price of producing a ground concrete or screed floor.

Usual prices

As a rule, one can roughly assume the following standard prices (standard, living area, good quality):

  • triple sanding to silk sheen usually costs around 60 EUR per m², plus a treatment with glass of water
  • Coarse grain grinding is on average around 75 EUR per m² on average, however, much more expensive, then creates a terrazo-like structure
  • Glossy sanding (subsequently, so the fourth touch on shine) cost in addition usually around 5 EUR per m²
  • High-gloss grinding for particularly high, glossy gloss costs an additional 10 EUR per m²

All in all, most of the usual concrete floors will cost around 70 - 95 EUR per m² for subsequent processing.

Sealing and impregnation

As a rule, a basic impregnation must be included in these costs. It increases the stain resistance and resilience of the soil, special 2-component impregnations also ensure a higher hardness and thus longer life of the soil.

Cost comparison with other floor coverings

At first glance, the production of a screed or concrete floor seems relatively expensive. But what you should definitely include, is that all costs for an additional floor covering omitted.

With the ground sightstone floor but you get a technically good craftsmanship a very durable and durable floor that you do not need to exchange. Calculated over the entire lifetime, this can be quite worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, have this work done only by very experienced professionals. The slight additional costs are worthwhile in any case due to the significantly higher hardness and durability of the floor.

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