Oil concrete floor - does it work?

Beautiful, shiny concrete surfaces are a visual eye candy. Whether you get shiny concrete surfaces with oil, and what concrete oil is particularly useful for and what it protects, you can read in detail in this post.

Polishing concrete

Polishing with waxes or oils only works if a concrete floor is sanded concrete floors. As a rule, care is taken to ensure that the concrete is produced as so-called fair-faced concrete during production.

Screed can also be produced as a screed. Both are not unconditional requirements for subsequent grinding or polishing, but leads to a nicer surface and a more balanced appearance.

The grinding takes place in several operations. Between the operations, the concrete is then additionally hardened with water glass. After grinding then join the polishing gears.

gloss levels

Overall, there are three defined gloss levels of ground and polished concrete at the concrete manufacturers:

  • semi-gloss (the standard after polishing)
  • Shine and
  • gloss

Polishing with oil

All this is a prerequisite for the concrete to shine at all. Polishing with special concrete and stone oils alone can then be an additional measure to increase shine and protection. But it is not enough on an otherwise untreated soil alone.

Protective functions of concrete oil

Concrete oil is also often used for concrete furniture or increasingly popular concrete worktops. Sanded concrete becomes even brighter due to the oil treatment. At the same time, oiling has other effects as well:

  • Sealing the surface with regular oiling, it will then water and stain resistant
  • Greasy fingerprints are not visible on oiled concrete
  • With regular oiling, a "patina" forms after some time, which also visually enhances the concrete.

Suitable oils

For oiling colorless stone oils are best. These oils have to dry overnight, but usually offer the most beautiful shine and the best sealant protection.

Tips & Tricks

Concrete surfaces may only be oiled after complete drying. This is usually 28 days after installation. Other surface treatments on the concrete may be made after this period.

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