Concrete floor - price per m2

Before building a house or doing a major renovation, costs play an important role in the planning process. So that these can be really correctly estimated, one needs the prices for each single stage of construction. This is not easy with concrete, because the different qualities and quantities also raise significant price differences. Here are some aspects for the price.

Steel Probability - Costs and Quantities

So that concrete can form a stable unbreakable floor, steel has been and is embedded in it. A concrete floor is mostly mild steel mesh. But steel is one of the cost factors for the soil. Steel prices have risen steadily in recent years, and in some cases, you may even have to expect delivery difficulties from the manufacturers.

  • Reinforced steel mat 1.00 x 2.30 meters - thickness 6 millimeters - from about 13 EUR
  • Screed grid 1.00 x 2.00 meters - thickness 2 millimeters - from about 6 EUR
  • Steel bars / Monier iron length 2 meters - thickness 6 millimeters - from about 3 EUR

An exact price per square meter can not be given for the structural steel, since the statics make different demands on every concrete floor. The strength of the probationary steel may also be prescribed differently by the structural engineer. Of course, structural steel can also have its pitfalls when it protrudes from the concrete slab and rusts. Then the concrete can be blasted through the steel.

Fiber concrete - benefits and price

Because of these problems in steel testing, the fiber concrete was developed. At the same time the tensile and compressive strength of the concrete is increased by the fibers. In addition, shrinkage cracks are to be prevented with the fiber concrete, which can otherwise easily occur.

In the main, there are three different types of fiber material used for the fiber concrete. This, in turn, includes steel, albeit in small, shorter pieces of two to six centimeters.

  • Plastic / PP fiber
  • Glass
  • stole

Unfortunately, most concrete suppliers only reveal the price of the fiber concrete on request. But this is also due to the required amount of fibers, so the dosage to be embedded in the concrete. In private house construction, the fiber concrete is still rather uncommon anyway and is rarely used. But if you are interested in this particular material, you should ask your architect about the benefits to your project.

Precast concrete - cubic meter prices

Precast concrete from the concrete plant is not stated in prices per square meter, but in cubic meters. Unfortunately, you have to balance the thickness of your concrete floor with the cubic meter prices yourself.

  • from about 120 EUR per cubic meter for concrete floor inside
  • from about 140 EUR per cubic meter for concrete floor outside

Tips & Tricks

Even though you may have been deterred by the prices of precast concrete and mild steel mats, you should not start making the ground yourself with a blender. This may work in a shed or a storeroom, but not in your own home.

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