Fill the concrete floor successfully

The filling of a concrete floor is usually embedded in a general leveling of the surface. If deeper damages are present, the large-area compensation with a balancing mass can not be sufficient. The filling should be done only with complete dryness and dust-free of the concrete floor.

Single holes, cracks and crevices with depths of more than one centimeter should be filled. A lime mortar is usually the most suitable filler, which closes the cavities after the application of a primer. If, after filling, the application of a large-area leveling compound is not planned, the repaired areas should be thoroughly smoothed.

As the mortar lowers during the drying process and the evaporation of the contained water, the surface of the wet mortar should be one to two millimeters above the rest of the soil level. During the filling, a good compaction of the mortar should be ensured by repeated pressing.

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