Correctly seal concrete floor

When sealing a concrete floor, the cause and type of moisture must be taken into account. In most cases, with normally rising ground wetness, for example, under a basement, a sealing layer on the concrete floor is sufficient.

As materials for the sealing the materials polyurethane and epoxy resin have proven themselves. They are painted or placed in the form of a foil. If a footfall sound insulation is applied to the concrete floor, a laminated aluminum foil takes over the sealing task.

When sealing, care must be taken to provide the humidity with an escape route. Hermetically "encapsulated" concrete floors can otherwise be damaged in their own standing "brew". In case of doubt, the advice of a specialist should be obtained.

If a high groundwater level pushes water onto the concrete floor, a seal must be installed to withstand the pressure. For this purpose, mostly webs or paints of bitumen are used. It is also important here to ensure the diffusibility of the concrete floor.

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