Concrete formwork blocks - overview and advantages

Formwork blocks made of concrete are very versatile. Due to their consistently positive properties, they are suitable for almost any type of construction. The raising of a simple privacy wall is done with concrete formwork blocks very easy, fast and uncomplicated. Load-bearing walls can also be set up quickly and without any problems, and they ensure very high stability thanks to the incorporated flowing concrete and the tongue and groove construction of the concrete formwork blocks. In addition to the classic applications for houses and walls, concrete formwork blocks can also be used in the area of ​​swimming pool construction. Even garden ponds can be optimally confined with formwork blocks made of concrete.

How are concrete formwork stones used?

To ensure sufficient stability, the substructure of the construction must be optimally prepared. Soft, resilient floor may require the introduction of a stable concrete slab as a foundation, so that the wall or the wall does not tend or sway in the later course. The bottom layer of the concrete formwork stones should be fixed to the ground with mortar. This achieves sufficient stability. The other layers are completely installed without mortar. Due to the tongue and groove guide, the stones can be installed very easily and quickly. The rows are staggered to increase stability. For load-bearing walls reinforcing bars can be added, which increase the stability. The filling of the shuttering blocks with flowing concrete should be done after each height section of about 50 cm. This makes it easier to bring the concrete into the lower layers.

What are the benefits of concrete formwork blocks?

Concrete formwork blocks convince directly in several respects. Due to the introduced air spaces, the stones have a very low dead weight and therefore do not have to be delivered by truck to the construction site. Some work steps can be facilitated or even eliminated. Due to the simple and uncomplicated handling of the concrete formwork blocks, this work can be carried out in-house, especially in house construction. There is hardly any technical knowledge required, even inexperienced craftsmen can pull up a wall of concrete formwork bricks. The masonry stone walls are very stable and can be planned individually. Due to the various sizes of the concrete formwork blocks, almost every request of the client can be fulfilled.

Concrete formwork blocks - overview and advantages: blocks

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