Exposed concrete floor - what are the advantages?

Exposed concrete is clearly in fashion - even on floors. Due to its robustness, the soil has advantages, but one should consider some disadvantages. Which criteria for which speak against a floor in exposed concrete optics, read here.

Design options, costs and durability

Making a floor in exposed concrete look is very expensive. As a layman or do-it-yourself, you usually can not dare to do it - manufacturing requires solid expertise and a lot of experience.

Of course, this also increases the cost of production for the floor in exposed concrete look. Especially special design and designs can often be very expensive.

Conversely, exposed concrete floors are extremely durable and durable. Abrasion does not cause any color changes in them, so that the optics remain undamaged even after decades. Only a good impregnation must be taken care of, because soils in exposed concrete optics can be very susceptible to contamination by.

For their calculation are important:

  • production costs
  • Prices of possible alternatives
  • Durability of the floor in exposed concrete optics

Think carefully and balance each alternative.

Tips & Tricks

You can also design your exposed concrete floor in different color zones. This offers an interesting alternative to visually distinguish different living areas from each other.

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