Seal concrete furniture - that's how it works

Concrete furniture is trendy designer pieces and real eye-catcher. But what you often forget is their suitability for everyday use. To protect the concrete sufficiently against stains and moisture, it must be sealed. Read more in our post.

Necessary protection for concrete

Concrete furniture falls into the class of "exposed concrete" because the surface of the concrete remains visible in its original form.

As a material, exposed concrete is both robust and sensitive at the same time: as tough as it can withstand massive loads, it is so sensitive to contamination, dirt and moisture. All three can leave stains that are no longer removable on the concrete.

Which furniture seal?

Basically, all those surfaces need protection that comes into intensive contact with grease, dirt or moisture. These are for example:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • bathroom shelves
  • Rinse and sink

Requiring less protection Small parts such as concrete lamps or other small furniture often do not need to be protected so comprehensively, depending on the intended use. Often a waxing or oiling of the surface is sufficient (which has to be repeated regularly).

It is also the aesthetics that are always decisive: depending on how they are sealed, surfaces can have very different effects or feel completely different. These effects should always be considered.

Suitable sealants

First of all, you have to start looking for a suitable sealant for exposed concrete. Not all commercially available agents can be used on exposed concrete - a number of them are more intended for use on utility concrete.

Epoxy resin seals are the best and most durable protection for the concrete. They are also almost always suitable for exposed concrete. The second best remedy is dispersion sealants, which also offer a good, but already much lower protection compared to epoxy resin products.

Colored sealers

In many cases, colored sealants are also available that not only protect the concrete surface but also color it in a color that you can choose.

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the protective function. Not all funds provide adequate protection, many

Tips & Tricks

Although oiling or waxing the surfaces provides some protection, as a rule it is hardly sufficient. In addition, the protective coating must be renewed very often, so that the protection is maintained at all.

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