Put concrete palisades in six steps

Putting concrete palisades is a relatively easy task. The upright components do not need a complex foundation up to one meter in height. Those who observe a few steps can quickly create a permanent and stable limit. With palisades already combined to form a boundary stone, setting is accelerated.

Makeshift foundation is sufficient

In the majority of cases concrete palisades are used as embankment, path or bed boundaries. Heights of up to eighty centimeters are usually enough for this function. When purchasing, the dimensions of the concrete palisades should be chosen so that the height above the ground accounts for two-thirds of the palisade length.

For higher constructions, it is necessary to think about a regular foundation of concrete. At the boundary between a concrete palisade and a concrete column at heights of around 1.50 meters, a regular concrete foundation must be cast.

How to put concrete palisades

  • concrete palisades
  • Ready-mixed concrete or
  • Cement and
  • Sand and
  • Gravel or grit
  • water
  • wood slats
  • Possibly supporting stones
  • Shovel and / or spade
  • hand shovel
  • Folding rule or tape measure
  • Hammer and nails
  • spirit level
  • Heavy rubber mallet

1. Excavation

If you place the palisades at ground level, you will excavate a pit twenty centimeters deeper than the one-third of the stockade length below ground. Between pit walls and palisades should be about five centimeters distance. If you have a higher ground level, carry the soil down sloping to the excavation.

2. Plan / build scaffold

For the first time you hold the stockade after setting, you should plan for easy support. You can build a scaffold, lean wooden slats at an angle or wedge the palisades to the pit walls with stones.

3. Foundation with gravel

Fill the bottom of the pit with twenty centimeters of gravel.

4. Set palisades

You can place a layer of concrete about five centimeters thick on the gravel and place the palisades on it or place the palisades directly on the gravel. Make sure that the first palisade is pressed firmly into bed, so that all following can be leveled to the same height.

5. Concrete in

Fill the concrete on both sides of the concrete palisade up to five centimeters below the top of the pit.

6. Drainage and backfilling

If you are filling in a one-sided embankment, either install roofing felt on the palisades or fill in a gravel or grit drainage layer at least ten centimeters thick.

Tips & Tricks

If you are building a fixture with two different heights, make sure the drain is guaranteed on the higher side.

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