Buy concrete plaster in anthracite

The special effect that the surface color anthracite produces is a warm shiny dark gray to black. The color was named after the natural color of anthracite coal. The optics are the most popular choice for concrete paving next to gray and red.

Front concrete decides

In the case of concrete paving, the paving stones consist of a support body and the so-called facing concrete, which causes the coloring. The surface layer, which is usually around one centimeter thick, is enriched with noble split which leads to the anthracite coloration. Depending on the mixing ratio and proportions of the same or different gravel stains, a uniform or mottled appearance is obtained. The color anthracite distinguishes itself from normal gray by its light to strong shine. The dark anthracite reaching to the black has the neighbors basalt, slate and black gray in the spectrum of the official color determination system RAL. A quality feature is the abrasion resistance of the facing concrete, which guarantees a more faithful color reproduction over long periods of time with rising prices.

Rectangular laying associations

The natural elegance of the concrete plaster in anthracite is emphasized by the laying of rectangular plaster bandages. Rarely bevels, bevelled side edges, used in conjunction with anthracite. The decorative and noble character of the anthracite is most pronounced on uninterrupted surfaces with the smallest possible joints. Especially in the polished state, the concrete pavement in anthracite resembles a stone slab surface, but has the stability and resilience of a full-fledged concrete pavement. Prices for concrete paving with anthracite surface start at around 15 euros per square meter. It is advisable to choose a higher quality product when choosing this color, as the choice of material mixture for the facing concrete has a major influence on the longevity of the specific surface coloration. If you want to enjoy the special shine and character of Anthracite on your concrete pavement for a long time, you should calculate for your pavement with around 25 Euro material costs per square meter.

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