Shaking concrete: This is also how the DIY enthusiast can do it

The shaking of concrete is done to condense the concrete. What exactly happens when shaking, but also what can be done wrong, you will learn in the following guide. In addition, we will explain to you what options you have as a handyman for shaking concrete.

The quality of concrete

Concrete is not just the gray mix of cement, water and sand or gravel as a supplement. It is today a widely used, state-of-the-art and complex composite construction material. So concrete can be produced as a pure makeshift concrete up to the ultrafine reinforced concrete. In addition to the concrete mix and the concrete types of concrete, there are numerous other important factors that influence the quality:

  • Fall depth when casting
  • Water-cement value (w / c value)
  • the after-treatment of concrete
  • the layer thickness structure of each individual work step
  • the compacting of concrete

Requirements for compacting concrete

Especially the compacting of the concrete is of enormous relevance. Capillary pores are expelled by tempering and excess water, but also cavities (air bubbles) on the formwork and the surface are avoided or expelled.

It is important that the concrete is compacted for as long as the hydration of the fresh concrete has not begun. In that case, compression can cause major damage rather than quality improvements.

What is the purpose of compacting for home improvement?

For the DIY enthusiast, it is particularly important that he can not produce an ultrafine concrete by shaking and poking concrete. However, stress cracks can be avoided in the long term and the excess water does not form any voids.

Compacting concrete at home improvement

When compacting concrete with home improvement, the choice of suitable options is of course limited. With liquid concrete, you can poke in the concrete until it compacts well. For a firmer consistency, such as creating foundations, hit the concrete with the flat shovel. In tool rental there are external vibrators.

Borrow a jogger

Very few rental companies also offer such tools and vibrators as are used by professional concrete workers. However, you can buy cheap vibrating tables, for example, if you want to cast paving stones, etc. yourself from concrete. To get a better understanding of what concrete concretes condense concrete, please follow the link.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to conventional concrete, there is also self-compacting concrete. However, this is considerably more expensive compared to conventional concrete.

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