Slit a concrete slab to lay the cable

A ceiling lamp requires power, so sometimes it is necessary to use a slot in the surface to lay the cable. This does not work so easily with concrete, here must be suitable tool in any case. With hammer drill and concrete chisel, the experienced home improvement is well equipped, but it works differently.

How can you slit a concrete ceiling?

As an alternative to the aforementioned chisel offers an angle grinder with a diamond cutting disc on, so that artisanal layman probably cope better. Use a dust cover and, if possible, safety goggles!

Even a wall chaser, equipped with diamond cutting discs, can be very helpful when slitting a concrete pavement. Stand up to a stable ladder during this strenuous and dusty job, preferably using the vacuum cleaner connection on your device.

Tips & Tricks

Slitting a concrete pavement is exhausting work. If the space above the ceiling is empty, you can alternatively drill two holes in the ceiling and lay the cable over the floor above.

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