Demolishing a concrete pavement: planning and cost factors

Demolishing a concrete floor is a time-consuming job, which is best done with professional equipment. Do-it-yourselfers should be aware of the dangers of breaking it off by themselves: even small concrete chunks have a surprisingly high dead weight. What are the possibilities for demolition? And what should be included in the costs?

Demolish concrete pavement yourself?

Reinforced concrete weighs about 2,500 kg per cubic meter of material, so a reasonably handy chunk is about 50 kg. When demolishing a concrete ceiling such concrete chunks can fall down and thereby cause great damage.

But the statics also play a role in the demolition of a concrete pavement: Do the surrounding components have enough stability to withstand demolition? That can only be clarified by the structural engineer. In addition, an insufficiently supported ceiling could collapse during demolition.

If you really want to remove a concrete pavement yourself, you should have enough specialist knowledge and professional equipment. Without these prerequisites, it is better to hire a construction company specializing in demolition.

Ceiling demolition: planning and cost calculation

Of course, a professional ceiling tiling raises some costs, some of these would also arise in a personal demolition. The most important questions for the planning and the cost calculation we call here:

  • How many square meters should be demolished?
  • Are they supporting elements?
  • Is it a partial or total cancellation?
  • Is the concrete pavement polluted?
  • How thick is the concrete ceiling - and how much steel does it contain?
  • Which strength class does the concrete possess?
  • Which technology should be used?
  • On which floor is the concrete floor?
  • Is the demolished concrete pavement freely accessible from above?
  • Is there enough space for a crane or a demolition excavator?
  • Do the building materials to be disposed of have to be sorted or shredded?

The cleanest way to demolish a concrete floor is to prop it up, cut it all around and lift it out with a crane. For a 50 square meter ceiling you have to expect in this case, about 5,000 EUR cost.

Tips & Tricks

Do you want to tear off a concrete pavement to install a higher payload element? A blanket can be strengthened in different ways, then no demolition is necessary. Talk to an expert in concrete construction!

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