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A special flair spread concrete slabs with side dimensions of one meter or more. You can have the breadth of a path or form an elegant patio floor. However, laying is more complex than with smaller dimensions and the weight of the concrete slabs can quickly amount to more than a hundred kilograms.

First and foremost optical consideration

Those who choose large-format concrete slabs as floor coverings usually opt for rectangular or square slabs with side dimensions of one meter or more because of the modern architectural appearance. It is usually fiber concrete, which increases the protection against drying cracks.

The visual appearance and corresponding demand demand in the large panel area almost only for discreet coloring. The majority of commercially available products vary shades of gray. Rarely, differently colored concrete slabs are available in oversize sizes and usually have to be ordered directly as custom-made concrete plants.

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Transport, unloading and laying

Concrete slabs in large format weigh a lot and are therefore only with powerful device to move. A square plate measuring one meter in width and eight millimeters thick weighs about two hundred kilograms. The unloading by hand is excluded, here a small crane or forklift must be used. For laying you can borrow a mini excavator.

Current offers

Concrete slabs in large formats
Gray, yellow & anthracite 80 x 80 x 3.8 cmfeiter-beton.de59 EUR / sqm
Concrete slabs in desired formatsbetonwerk24.deCost estimate

When laying, observe the inclination

Unlike smaller concrete slabs, it is difficult to align the large-size specimens after draining and placing on the bed. Here it depends on a good preparation and best possible compression of the upper gravel layer. It should already have the inclination of two percent to bring the large-sized concrete slab even when placing in the almost correct angle.

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Tips & Tricks

Large-sized concrete slabs also make a good impression in combination with smaller paving units. Individually laid panels on a lawn or in a pebble bed create very elegant architectural designs.

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