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The constant development of the production techniques enables the production of concrete slabs in wood look. Particularly in the patio and garden area, the amazingly realistic-looking imitations fit perfectly with the surroundings. From the look of laid wooden planks to parquet-like structures, the designs are enough.

Fine grain or screed look

The casting techniques of the concrete slabs can imitate different types of wood and surfaces both in structure and in color gradients from the grain to natural wood cracks and cracks. Optics are the heavy planks, as they are used in railway construction as railway sleepers represent. Some manufacturers reinforce a nostalgic touch by mapping old drilling and mounting holes.

Concrete slabs with several parallel running wooden board ledge imitation can, like a parquet, be a wooden floor by laying them at right angles. Other parquet patterns known as parquet flooring, herringbone patterns or chalkboard patterns are also available in DIY stores and specialist shops.

Buy concrete slabs in wood look: slabs

Suitable for inside and outside

Who prefers wood look and at the same time prefers the insensitivity of concrete slabs, has the choice of tile-like products up to solid concrete elements. For the exterior, the wood look is achieved by special molds that shape the facing concrete accordingly. In most cases, color pigments are used which either produce a surface of the same color or which support a wood-like structure by means of color mixtures.

Current offers

Concrete slabs wood look
Brown, parallel ledge 50 x 50 3,8 cmhornbach.de4,99 EUR / piece
Brown, railway sill look 60 x 25 x 4 cmsemmelrock.com11,80 EUR / piece
Brown with grain 15 x 60 x 1 cmmosafil.de24,90 EUR / sqm

Pay attention to cleanability

Depending on the depth of the surface structures in wood look, concrete slabs can become dirty. If, for example, there are several millimeter-deep wood cracks in the surface, as in the screed look, then a successful cleaning can only be carried out with a steam jet device.

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Tips & Tricks

When buying, you should pay attention to the low repetition rate of the surface textures and colors. Smaller concrete manufacturers have only a few different casting molds, and if you lay a larger area with wood-effect concrete slabs, over-repetition can disturb the visual impression of authenticity.

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