Grind a concrete staircase

When sanding a concrete staircase, you must distinguish between the "clean" and the actual, abrasive sanding of the concrete. Especially with a concrete staircase, the actual grinding is a little more complicated, but is feasible. Below we have put together information about grinding concrete stairs for you.

Treat concrete with conventional grinding machines

Concrete is a very dense and strong composite construction material. Accordingly, you can not grind a concrete surface like other materials such as metal, wood or plastic with the conventional grinding techniques and grinders. These devices are only suitable if you only want to completely remove the remains of old surface coatings such as adhesive from carpets.

Only clean with a delta or angle grinder

To cover a concrete staircase, tile or otherwise coat, old adhesive residues must first be removed. For this purpose, an angle grinder with wire brush is suitable. However, you can not grind the concrete yourself with this technique.

Grind concrete abrasive

To be able to grind concrete from the concrete staircase, two techniques are available:

  • Grind concrete wet
  • Grind concrete dry

In both processes usually abrasives are used, which were made on a diamond basis, so are characterized by a special hardness. The conventionally used concrete grinding machine, however, are large grinding machines that are pushed or pulled. For stairs these grinders are not applicable.

Special machines for concrete grinding

There are also smaller, more handy grinding machines. In particular, if you want to grind exposed concrete, but also these machines quickly reach their limits. Especially along edges most grinders can not grind all over. The best way to inform yourself at tool rental companies, which grinding this offer. Because the purchase for a one-time grinding of your concrete staircase will also not be worthwhile.

The problem: most concrete grinders too big for a concrete staircase

There are, however, some additional techniques on how to treat the concrete of your staircase for even better sanding results. For example, if you leave your concrete floor with water glass, the floor will be even more compact. Especially older, porous concrete can be very well compacted in the surface area and then ground to a very smooth surface.

Treat concrete additionally with water glass

Depending on how successful the sanding after the treatment of the concrete staircase with water glass is, you can also use the concrete during grinding with water glass again and again. But you always have to wait until the chemical process of silicification has been completed. Remember, too, that you have to work the soil in such a way that it still has a high anti-slip effect.

Tips & Tricks

We will show you in detail how to make your concrete staircase slip-resistant by following this link.

Incidentally, the Romans have already used water glass to seal water pipes.

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