Demolish a concrete staircase

In particular, concrete staircases were installed over decades as a kind of standard staircase. The stock of concrete staircases in old and existing buildings is correspondingly high today. Today, many of these concrete stairs are not only shabby, but otherwise anything but contemporary. Accordingly, many homeowners also think about it, demolish such a staircase demolish or demolish itself. What has to be considered when removing a concrete staircase is explained below.

Concrete - the building material of the 20th century

Concrete is the most widely used building material of the 20th century. Especially after the Second World War, a veritable flood of building projects set in, all of which have concrete in common as the most important building material. Even then, concrete was regarded as cost-effective, extremely stable and yet very resistant. However, the resistance of concrete has long been considered to require no maintenance and care at all.

What must be considered when tearing off a concrete staircase?

Of course we know better today, but we still struggle with the fatal consequences of early carelessness in terms of concrete. Especially since the quality of the concrete was not as high as it is today. So before they renovate an old, worn-out concrete staircase, many owners of such stairs would clearly prefer their demolition. However, some questions arise regarding a contemplated demolition of the concrete staircase:

  • may a concrete staircase simply be demolished?
  • Does not that change the statics of a building?
  • Can another staircase be installed instead?

Interior stairs in buildings with highest 2 apartments

Although internal stairs are subject to building laws and thus also in a certain way the planning permission. But in buildings with a maximum of two apartments, the rules regarding stairs are relatively generous. For building sizes over two flats, special fire safety requirements are placed on interior staircases. Concrete stairs in particular fulfill all requirements in a playful way.

The fire regulations are not that strict

But even in a one- or two-family house, an extraordinary wooden staircase can also be a special charm. Are then such wooden stairs, for example, as they are often found in old farmhouses, not allowed in larger buildings, but then in smaller buildings. In this respect, the demolition of the old concrete staircase would therefore make sense and can be carried out as well.

Does the demolition of a concrete staircase influence the load-bearing capacity (of walls)?

In principle, you can tear down a concrete staircase. But perhaps the most important question in this context is: can the demolition of a concrete staircase have effects on load-bearing walls or other static properties? Usually not. Concrete stairs are indeed designed to be "self-supporting" but not "load-bearing".

Unsupportive, but not pregnant

Cantilever means that the complete staircase, even a concrete staircase with pedestal that can be built, is stretched and rests only on the endpoints on supports. On the other hand there are concrete staircases that can have a continuous or basic bearing in the walls. Pedestals are often stored in such a way, if it is not exclusively straight-flighted stairs.

Basically, you can tear off any concrete interior staircase

Here is true: as long as it is not attempted to tear the entire support structure out of the wall, you can tear off such a staircase completely unproblematically. And then this has to do only with the basic static of a wall, which would weaken you by the dissolution in general, but not specifically.

With backfilled concrete stairs removal can be problematic

On the other hand, it can look a bit different with back-filled concrete stairs. These concrete stairs are rarely to be found as inside lying and usually as lying outside basement outlet. Here the construction can support the wall behind it.

Tips & Tricks

You may not have to tear down your concrete staircase. Today, the specialized trade provides numerous products with which you can also renovate and then disguise an old, unsightly concrete staircase. You can disguise a concrete staircase so that it is indistinguishable from a modern concrete staircase. This is the case, for example, with concrete stairs with wood on the steps.

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