The concrete stairs

The concrete staircase can almost be called the classic staircase. In many functional buildings, it is anyway the standard staircase. The situation is quite different in the private environment of building and renovation. What is to be considered in the concrete staircase and which concrete stairs there are, you will learn in the following guide.

Concrete is also a trend building material

If you take a closer look at the pros and cons of the concrete staircase, you will see that there are many advantages to this type of staircase construction. However, especially with regard to concrete, you should not forget that the composite building's image has changed dramatically in recent years. Fair-faced concrete is more popular today than ever before.

Exposed concrete staircase or concrete staircase for dressing

In the case of a concrete staircase, you must first differentiate between a fair-faced concrete staircase and a concrete staircase for dressing up. In this respect, the concrete staircase is an important style-defining element. In addition, you must also differentiate the type of construction of the concrete staircase. Thus, a distinction is first made between the finished concrete staircase and the concrete staircase for on-site casting and casting.

Cast concrete stairs yourself

First of all, we would like to point out that you will not reach the level of high-quality exposed concrete when casting a concrete staircase yourself. In this case, you always have to use finished parts. In fact, concrete stairs are rarely cast today. Against the pouring of the concrete staircase speaks the high expenditure of time. But even the own production of concrete or limited to a conventional mixer means a rather lower concrete quality.

stairs building techniques

But you can not only deliver complete concrete stairs and have them installed. When installing concrete stairs, you can distinguish between four techniques:

  • Cargo or cargo bolt stairs
  • Block steps stairs
  • beam stairs
  • element stairs

Carrying bolt and beam stairs

In the construction of the support bolt staircase massive support bolts are inserted, which will receive the concrete stairs later and derive the weight. In the case of beam staircases, laterally running beams are constructed, possibly also a center beam. On this beam construction, the individual steps are now attached.

Block steps stairs

Block staircases are nothing more than relatively small items, so blocks. They are available in various designs, always designed for specific widths. In this way, you can build the staircase out of nothing but individual blocks, as if using a modular principle.

Element stairs or newly prefabricated stairs

Thus, the block staircase is relatively closely related to the element staircase. The elemental staircase is the prefabricated concrete staircase. Often it can be the complete staircase. But there are also techniques whereby two or three parts are poured, delivered and then connected and assembled. Especially as one-piece element staircase, this is often produced according to the individual dimensions in the stairwell.

Even prefabricated stairs usually have to be made to individual dimensions

In fact, many stairs are still unique. Although basic dimensions are becoming more and more prevalent, the size of the staircase still needs to be adapted to many individual requirements that can not be generalized. Thus, the staircase size also depends on the overall size of the building to be built, and static calculations also play a role.

Tips & Tricks

Most concrete staircases must or can be clad after installation. Here you will find everything you should consider when laying a concrete staircase.

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