Dress a concrete staircase

Due to the many advantages, concrete stairs have always been among the most used stairs. One of these advantages is the fact that you can cover concrete stairs in a variety of ways. In the following article we show you different possibilities how to dress a concrete staircase in an attractive and professional way.

Everywhere in the house there is concrete

Concrete itself is an extremely popular building material. Neither civil engineering nor civil engineering would be conceivable without the composite construction material. So also in the private house construction the application possibilities are manifold:

  • as a foundation
  • as load-bearing ceilings (prestressed concrete)
  • as load-bearing walls
  • as stairs
  • white basement sinks
  • Kniestock for the roof truss

But concrete stairs usually have to be disguised

In most uses, the concrete is no longer visible later. This is different with concrete stairs. Today, concrete stairs are even explicitly planned as fair-faced concrete stairs, because the building material is finding more and more followers in terms of visual impact. But the majority of concrete stairs is just a raw staircase that needs to be further processed.

Different ways to dress your concrete stairs

In addition different techniques and procedures come into question again. Basically, you can make a distinction between the concrete staircase and the cladding. There are many ways to dress up:

  • Tiles and slabs (ceramics, natural stone, glass, etc.)
  • Wood (solid wood and slabs
  • Plastics (laminate, for example)
  • Stone mats (similar to a stone carpet, just prefabricated panels)
  • stone carpet

Dress the concrete staircase with tiles or slabs

If you want to tile your concrete staircase, the retailer will provide you with numerous tiles to choose from. However, you must first differentiate between concrete stairs indoors or outdoors. In the outdoor area, of course, only such tiles may be used, which are also frost-proof. This limits the possibilities to special ceramic tiles such as porcelain stoneware or individual natural stone tiles and slabs.

Tiles edges (steps)

In addition to ordinary tiles, you also get angled tiles so that you can tile around the front edge of the step. Rounded off and / or decorated these angle profile tiles are also called Florentine. In addition, in the case of stairs which are directly connected to a wall, often also base tiles are attached.

Dress concrete stairs with wood or laminate

When cladding with wood, you must first distinguish between solid wood steps and wood coverings for the concrete steps. Under concrete staircase with wooden steps you will learn more. The same processing and cladding conditions that apply to wood panels can also be applied to laminate flooring for stairs.

Dress concrete stairs with stone carpets or stone carpet tiles

You can also dress concrete stairs with stone carpets. Stone carpets consist of fine natural stone stones, all of which have a defined size. These are then mixed with synthetic resin and filled at the bottom. At edges, however, it is recommended to integrate appropriate edge protection profiles. You can even process semi-precious stones and precious stones here without driving the costs too hard.

Plates instead of loose stones

In addition, if laying a stone carpet on a concrete staircase is too much work for you, you can also turn to ready-made panels. These are cut to size and glued. Again, an edge protection is needed, which is additionally equipped with a rail. While the bottom is fixed with adhesive, the front plates are simply pushed into these rails.

Tips & Tricks

So there are really many ways you can dress your concrete stairs. However, you should never let the safety down. We will show you in detail how to make a concrete stairway slip-resistant. In addition, we offer many other articles, so you can also delete your concrete staircase.

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