The concrete staircase with pedestal

There are different types of stairs that can be distinguished. One of them is the pedestal steps. At the same time, it is the most space-consuming staircase, but it also has a correspondingly generous architectural effect. However, there are several aspects to be considered in particular with the concrete pedestal steps. In concrete terms, you can find out in concrete terms what it is that you need to look for in a concrete pedestal staircase.

The different staircase designs

Stairs are needed in house construction to connect two different floors. Depending on the size of the staircase, but also depending on the space available, there are various technical designs on how you can carry out your concrete staircase. In particular, three different types of stairs can be distinguished independently of the staircase material:

  • Rectangular stairs
  • spiral stairs
  • podiums

Variants of the landing stairs

A pedestal staircase thus consists of at least two step elements, which are separated from at least one pedestal. Alternatively, the pedestal can also be on the staircase start or / and on the stairs. In the podium concrete staircase with middle platform but can also be performed again different construction types:

  • two opposing staircases with a turning platform in between
  • a 90 degree change in direction of the staircase with a corner or quarter podium in between
  • to each other straight staircases with a middle, resting or resting platform

Towards one another straight concrete staircase with middle platform

The latter staircase, which consists of two straight staircases with a middle platform, is mainly needed in commercial interiors. For example, to combine two sales floors. According to DIN 18065, a resting or resting platform must be planned after no later than 18 steps (inclines). For private house and staircase construction, this type of concrete staircase but of subordinate importance.

Regulations for DIN and BMO

DIN specifications for staircases

But the importance of the other two concrete stairs with pedestal is even more important in private house construction. So neither stairs nor the pedestals can be built arbitrarily in their dimensions. For the pedestal, the already mentioned DIN prescribes minimum dimensions.

For dwellings with up to a maximum of two apartments, the platform area must be at least 80 cm or 2.5 times the area of ​​the smallest existing staircase, ie 2.5 times the staircase a. For all other buildings it is at least 100 cm or 3 times the staircase area a.

Dimensioning of the pedestal according to the model (BMO)

In addition, according to the Model Building Regulations (MBO), there are other rules on how the area of ​​the platform should be determined. Either the platform depth is to be measured on the basis of the step size including the width of the runway or must correspond in depth and width to the respective usable running width. However, the requirements for the running width depend in turn on different types of buildings. Consequently, these defined dimensions must be adopted by building type.

Special cases of pedestal shapes and other requirements

But there are also concrete pedestal steps that are coiled or circular. Then the length of the line is crucial. In addition, concrete stairs can also have a final pedestal (below or above). In the case of a staircase in a two-family house, it could therefore be that a door follows immediately after the upper landing. Now the length of the pedestal depends on the width of the door, because the door may not protrude over the pedestal when opened.

The sound insulation especially for concrete stairs with pedestal

But now also the Auflagerung especially in the concrete staircase with pedestal is very important, because here the sound insulation must be met in particular measure. So the concrete staircase can be stored as a pedestal in two ways.

After the first variant, the pedestal is stretched from one to the other side wall and then provided with a floating screed. The flights of stairs are now connected to the pedestal via sound-isolated supports. After the second possibility staircases and pedestal are considered as one component and stretched together in length. On the walls, the component is now decoupled via the supports.

Tips & Tricks

Depending on how the concrete staircase with middle platform is now planned, different forms can also be created for the pedestal. These include rectangle and square, half and quarter circle segments, trapezoids or trapezoids, and ring segments.

In the house journal you will find numerous guides and articles on concrete stairs. Among other things, a contribution on whether better a concrete staircase or wooden stairs should be used.

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