Concrete staircase with wood

Although the concrete staircase is rarely used in new buildings today, it has been the standard staircase in many houses for many decades. But after many decades, these concrete stairs are often unsightly and the flooring is old-fashioned. Especially when renovating and modernizing wood plays a major role as a floor covering for concrete stairs.

Re-allocate existing concrete stairs with wooden floor

For a long time, concrete stairs in the living area were almost a matter of course. It was not until the 1990s that a trend towards wooden stairs began. On the other hand, concrete facing stairs are the main feature today. Anyway, the old concrete stairs in old and existing buildings are mostly worn and the design is outdated. Remedy here creates a wood covering for the concrete staircase, the savvy home improvement can also easily move yourself.

Numerous woods are available

As for the wood covering itself, the different types of wood are available. These include, among other things, the following woods:

  • beech
  • Spruce
  • Oak
  • maple
  • walnut
  • ash-tree
  • mahogany

All native woods as well as tropical wood species are available. Although tropical woods are usually much more expensive, but with a solid wood flooring, the additional costs are often worthwhile. Because tropical woods are usually very hard. This makes them almost indestructible. Neither a stiletto heel of a women's shoe nor a heavy object that hits the ground with a corner, leaves only a trace of traces.

Workmanship depending on the wood surface

In addition, however, the different qualities in the production must be considered. Typical for solid wood are stick and block bonding, but there are also multi-layer parquet and of course laminate. But to go into that here would go beyond the scope. Of course, it is also true here that natural wood floors are significantly more expensive than art coverings.

Preparing the concrete stairs for the wood

The evidence of concrete stairs is then but not very difficult. The only important thing is that the concrete staircase is previously freed from old coverings such as often used carpets. In addition, bumps and signs of wear and damage to the concrete staircase must be compensated or repaired. The concrete substrate should be completely clean before the new wood flooring is laid.

Step by step guide of laying wood on a concrete staircase

  • Wood covering in sufficient quantity (consider waste!)
  • suitable wood / concrete glue
  • Silicone for finishing edges
  • possibly paint for the risers
  • duct tape
  • stairs template
  • Circular or rail saw, also a miter saw works
  • silicone syringe
  • small spirit level
  • mallet
  • paint brush

1. Preparatory work

First, old stairwells have to be removed. Then damage to stairs must be repaired and possibly compensated. The specialized trade offers special refurbishment concrete or refurbishment mortar. After completion, the drying times must be observed.

2. Measuring and cutting the step coverings

With the aid of a stair template, every step shape can be transferred to the template. Thereafter, the transferred to the template dimensions are only transferred to the staircase wood. Depending on the material and the saw used, it is necessary to test how the cleanest saw pattern is produced (upper side or lower side). Then the stair coverings are cut out. Each measure of each individual step must be taken separately!

3. Laying and gluing the wood covering on the concrete staircase

Now the special glue is applied to the concrete staircase. In particular, in the edge area, but also over the entire surface of the adhesive must be evenly distributed according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Then the wooden floors are pressed into the glue and, if necessary, moved a little further with the rubber hammer. The small spirit level is used to check whether the coating is really "in the water". Depending on the system, the end caps for the end faces still need to be attached (usually the click systems).

4. Sealing the end joints and painting the risers

Once the adhesive has cured, the concrete steps are accessible. Now you have to close the end joints with silicone. So that nothing gets on the wood, can be taped with tape. So then the risers are prepared and painted, if necessary.

Tips & Tricks

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