Concrete staircase with wooden steps

Explicit in old and existing buildings concrete stairs are the most used stairs. Correspondingly large is the need for renovation of these old concrete stairs. Almost classic is the renovation with wooden steps. But even with new concrete stairs, wooden steps enjoy great popularity.

Concrete stairs can be found in many existing and old buildings

For new buildings, concrete stairs are declining. Apart from popular exposed concrete stairs, many homeowners also discover other building materials for their stairs. This includes wood, metals, glass and plastics. Nevertheless, concrete stairs are still widespread, after all, they were for decades virtually the standard choice for the stairs.

Renovate concrete stairs with wooden steps

Especially for concrete stairs, many options are available for refining. So you can seal a concrete staircase, which makes sense especially for exposed concrete. But also the dressing of a concrete staircase with a variety of coverings is possible. In addition to tiles and natural stones, wood in particular enjoys great popularity.

Different concrete stairs with wooden steps

A concrete staircase with wooden steps looks homely, warm and thus has its very own charisma. But whether you want to provide a new or an existing concrete staircase with wooden steps, there are no differences in materials or techniques. Only between concrete stairs, whose steps also consist of concrete and a flight of stairs without steps, are placed on the Holtstufen, must be distinguished.

Woods for the concrete stairs

But since the latter staircase is not a concrete staircase in the strict sense, here we describe the wooden steps as a covering on the concrete steps of a concrete staircase. So you have the choice between different types of wood in the wooden stages:

  • Mahogany and other tropical woods
  • ash-tree
  • beech
  • Oak
  • Kirschbaum
  • walnut
  • maple

Tropical woods - very durable, but also expensive

This list could be continued almost arbitrarily. Above all, it is important that you use hard woods. This will take you almost automatically to the tropical wood species, because no native woods have a density and thus hardness as most tropical woods on. However, these wooden steps are also more expensive - but also really durable and extremely durable. In addition, liquids can hardly harm them.

Mount wooden steps on concrete steps

Solid wooden steps as a concrete staircase have a thickness of 1.5 cm and up. These are cut using a special stair template and then simply glued with an adhesive that is equally suitable for concrete and wood. The front ends of the wooden steps can be clamped in many step systems as a click system. In addition, there are also special wood coverings which you attach to the front of the riser.

Front can, but you do not have to dress with wood

But you can also omit the frontal wood paneling. Especially with thick wooden steps on a concrete staircase, the wood looks very nice. The frontal risers can then be painted in a neutral concrete color such as black or white. More information about concrete stairs can be obtained here.

Tips & Tricks

If you still need instructions to cover your concrete staircase with wood, here is a detailed step-by-step guide: Laying and gluing concrete stairs with wood.

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