Clean concrete blocks without chemical agents

Who wants to clean concrete blocks, should start with purely mechanical means without the use of cleaning agents. Only when it turns out that an intensive scrubbing does not lead to the desired success, aids with increasing intensity should be used.

A home remedy with little effect on the environment and gentle on the concrete stone surfaces is soda water. Powdered soda is available in pharmacies and drugstores and is added to the cleaning water. It is brushed and should remain on the concrete blocks for several hours until it dries. Rinse with clear water to remove any white streaks.

As the next higher intensity level, vinegar cleaner can be used. He is also mixed in the cleaning water and scrubbed the concrete blocks. After scrubbing, rinse immediately with clean water. For heavy soiling and stains, the vinegar cleaner can be dropped into the affected areas. After a few minutes of exposure, brush thoroughly.

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