Paint concrete

Paint concrete: floor

What color is left on concrete?
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Whether garage floor, basement wall or garden wall - can you no longer see the gray concrete?... is it damaged or dirty? Would you like to paint your concrete?

Even tight-knit fair-faced fans may at some point have the sense of a different-colored wall. No problem! Here you will find the right measures and means to give your concrete gray a new coat of paint.

If you are a tenant or tenant, you should first ask your landlord for a written consent, because color is - if at all - very difficult to completely remove from concrete.

Concrete is very different

Paint concrete: concrete

There are thousands of different concrete mixtures with very different surfaces.

Concrete surfaces are very different, because the composition varies greatly depending on the application.

The primary concern of painting concrete is how smooth the surface is. The smoother, the easier it is to paint.

Coarser surfaces may have an interesting texture, but they are not easy to paint with a paint roller.

In these cases, you have the choice of filling the surface, spraying the paint or working with brushes and tassels.

You will find the basics and basic rules for correct brushing here.

Painting concrete - pretreatment


Paint concrete: concrete

Color only stays on a well-prepared surface.

Old coatings are as far as possible mechanically (wire brush, facade grinder, etc.) or with strippers taken from the concrete.

Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Thoroughly remove soiling, mosses and residues of release agents and the like with degreaser and other suitable cleaners.

In the outdoor area, you can then easily work with the steam and / or high-pressure cleaner and wash.

Repair damage

Gross damage, cracks and the like should be repaired before the next step. How and with which this is best to do, you will learn here.

Paint concrete without primer?

Often the priming is seen as an unnecessary, additional step. In fact, in the case of concrete, a primer usually spares both work and color and therefore deserves more attention. Especially if stains have not completely disappeared during the cleaning process, it is worthwhile to apply a priming coat with a blocking effect so that the stains do not break through later.

Which color for concrete - outside, inside, wall, floor?

Basically, concrete is a suitable substrate for almost every color. But not every color meets every requirement, for example, weathering, high mechanical stress or water resistance.

outdoor applications

Paint concrete: wall

A coat can protect concrete from the weather.

Exterior concrete surfaces should have both the primer and exterior paint, such as base or facade paint. Silicate façade paints and special paints are also suitable for painting concrete weatherproof.

To paint concrete paving there are special colors and sealants.

Paint garden wall and / or concrete wall crest

A garden wall is very exposed to the weather. If you want to paint a concrete wall cover, this is especially true.

There is special wall paint, but also base color is particularly durable. When painting the concrete wall, you should definitely follow the instructions of the manufacturer. In particular, the predetermined temperature ranges should be observed during processing for a long-lasting paint. Last but not least, you should use a good quality color.

Paint concrete: wall

A painted garage floor is well protected and easy to clean.

Garage floor

On a garage floor meets neither the name interior nor outdoor area really.

In fact, a paint on a garage floor is heavily stressed both mechanically and by the action of various chemicals.

But most of all, the softeners in car tires harm most colors.

Therefore you should definitely use a special garage paint and proceed with the pre-treatment very thoroughly. You will find instructions for renovating a garage floor here.

Paint the concrete interior walls

Paint concrete: floor

Coating is quite normal with a roll with a smooth surface.

When painting in the living area (wall / ceiling), you can use virtually any of the colors mentioned above. So-called chalk colors bring a matte finish while varnishes in different gloss levels are offered.

For example, when it comes to flavor issues, silicate paints have the advantage of preventing mold growth due to their alkaline pH.

If you want to design an interior wall with painting techniques (instructions here), a pigmented primer can create a monochrome base hue.

If you want to paint a concrete floor in the interior, there are different floor colors available. Alternatively, concrete floors can also be sanded and waxed (there are also pigmented waxes) or only provided with a seal.

Concrete paint in the basement

Put an end to the gloomy basement by painting the concrete. It becomes waterproof by means of special pretreatments (eg sealing slurries more here) if it comes to moisture from the outside. As a soil seal liquid plastics are very good.

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