Analyze and redevelop concrete wall

Before rehabilitating a concrete wall, a thorough damage analysis must be made. In addition to the pure localization of the damages must be traced to their causes. In case of doubt, the effort must not be spared to expose deeper starting points. The ignoring or superficial fixing gives the refurbishment only a short lifetime.

Optical and / or functional renovation

The renovation of a concrete wall is carried out for visual and functional reasons. In the functional variant, the goal is a complete elimination of all physical damage such as cracks, holes, cracks and breakouts. In addition, moisture and moisture are eliminated and their causes are eliminated.

The optically oriented renovation is more about beautifying the concrete wall. In this case, the focus is on the surface and its appearance. Coatings such as plaster or paint are repaired without necessarily exposing and checking the condition of the underlying masonry.

Moisture and efflorescence

Elaborate is a renovation for all types of moisture and moisture damage. Efflorescence also often results from moisture caused by chemical reactions, such as salt, without the need for acute moisture. For a complete renovation then belongs to the damage adjusted perennial sealing of the concrete wall.

In the case of coarse mechanical damage or old unruly surface colors, grinding or milling can also be part of the renovation process. Partial sanding of holes and cracks is also a commonly used method to prepare for mechanical damage to a backfill and repair.

Professional procedures

For deeper lying damages a professional procedure should be chosen, as superficial repairs do not prevent the concrete substance in the long term from being internally decomposed. Moisture meters can be introduced into test wells to locate permeation levels and flow directions.

In the case of professional renovation, different physical intervention methods can permanently prevent further exposure to moisture on the concrete wall. Repair mortars and fillers are matched to the type of concrete present in the wall to allow a homogeneous connection. Primers and primers keep the fillings in the concrete and minimize the diffusion of the entire concrete wall.

Tips & Tricks

You can successfully perform optical renovations if you follow the manufacturer's instructions for the necessary processing methodology. For moisture damage of any kind you should consult a specialist.

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