Seal the concrete wall from inside or outside

In order to be able to reliably seal a concrete wall, there is no way around a clear determination of damage. Moisture in the wall can come from a cause that is far from visible damage. Only after a clear analysis can the appropriate and effective method of sealing be determined.

Among the sealing methods for a concrete wall, there are methods that seal walls from inside or outside. Depending on the defined cause of the proper sealing is made, which often goes hand in hand with a previous drying of the concrete wall.

Common external seals are:

  • Barrier and renovation plasters
  • filter fleeces
  • bitumen paints
  • Plastic coatings

The following methods are used in the concrete wall:

  • Wall incisions with inlay of sealants such as bitumen or metal plates
  • Replacement of individual sawn wall sections
  • Injection of sealants by injection

A drying and indirect sealing method works with electric current. Here, by applying electrical voltage to the concrete wall, the penetrating moisture is deflected and kept away from the wall.

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