Exposed concrete wall - what you should know

Fair-faced concrete is also an interesting design element. Surfaces made of exposed concrete can be designed very differently. An exposed concrete wall often fulfills additional purposes. Read more here.

Fairlead concrete wall in the garden

A wall of exposed concrete is not only very decorative in the garden, it can also fulfill additional functions:

  • Privacy, about in front of the terrace
  • Windbreak for plants and beds
  • noise protection

Especially the possible noise reduction effect is often not considered. However, with sufficient height, a fair-faced concrete wall can be shown to lower the noise level by up to 10 dB. So Si is a very effective noise protection measure.

Consider in the construction

For freestanding walls in the garden, depending on the length and height of the wall, you may need a permit from the responsible building authority. It may also be that the height of the wall is prescribed to you. You must comply with these requirements in any case, as well as the legally prescribed distances to the neighboring property. Of course you can build a fair-faced concrete wall only on your own property - who tenant is required to clear the consent of the owner.

Other applications

For example, low exposed concrete walls may also be used as fences for fencing. Here arises compared to the classic bricks a very smooth and high quality look. In terms of price, however, such a solution is often more expensive than the classic natural stone walls, but there are more design options available.

Expertise is necessary

In general, only the expert can produce perfect exposed concrete. You should definitely have sufficient expertise and experience in building a fair-faced concrete wall.

Be sure to get advice, even with the selection of formwork oil and separating oil and the right concrete mixture for your exposed concrete. Above all, the right formwork and the right concrete mixture are important in the production of exposed concrete. Let's show you the right bowls too.

Fair-faced concrete is much more difficult to produce like used concrete. You should think about that in advance.

Tips & Tricks

You have countless options for the surface design of your exposed concrete wall. Surfaces can be sandblasted after curing, by inserting leaves into the formwork or pretreating the formwork panels you can achieve an interesting appearance.

Video Board: Mineral wall designs: exposed concrete appearance