Connection of a garden pump

If the hand pump in the garden is replaced by an electric pump, it must of course also be connected. Many do-it-yourselfers quickly stumble here with the different pipe sizes. Below we therefore describe an optimal connection of a garden pump.

Differentiation according to the conveying technique of the respective pump

Many people have difficulties when it comes to connecting water pipes. Finally, the sizes are all in inches. That scares off many already. The connection of a garden pump is done quickly. First, however, two basic types of pump have to be distinguished:

  • suction pumps
  • displacement pumps

Submersible pumps have only one delivery line

Displacement pumps, such as the centrifugal pump, are perfect for pumping the fluid by immersing it in this fluid. Therefore, submersible pumps are such positive displacement pumps.

Connection sizes of the lines in a submersible pump

Therefore, only the delivery line must be connected. For standard submersible pumps, this is a 1-inch connector. If you need to reduce the cable diameter, you should never choose smaller than ¾ inch. Otherwise, too much pressure builds up in the pump.

Installing a suction pump: suction and delivery line

This also applies to the suction pump. However, you have here beside the conveyor also a suction line. Both connections are in conventional suction pumps in 1 ". The suction line should necessarily remain the same size. Under no circumstances should the delivery line of the suction pump be less than three-quarters of an inch.

Narrow the pipe cross-section only to a limited extent

If an even smaller cross-section is selected, such as half-inch, the pressure that builds up in the pump is very high and can cause the pump to shut down permanently. This is especially the case if you choose a domestic waterworks when choosing between water pump or domestic waterworks.

The pressure when using a domestic waterworks

It is also an ordinary water pump. Only here is additionally available either a pressure vessel or a pressure switch. This is usually set to a pressure between three and six bar. If you use too small a pipe or hose cross-section on the delivery side, the pump will obviously reach the set pressure and switch off.

Prevent a continuous switching on and off of the pump

But as you remove water at the same time, the pump will now start and stop running. Consequently, you should keep the suction line in 1 "and taper the delivery line to a maximum of three quarters of an inch, even with conventional suction pumps.

Tips & Tricks

When connecting your garden pump, also consider the need for check valves, check valves or non-return valves, such as a foot valve. This is the only way to promote the water even over higher heads.

Video Board: Installing a pump for my terrace garden.(kirloskar jalraj 0.5hp pump)