Organize execution and use of a cloakroom

The wardrobe is usually the aid between indoor and outdoor, with the necessary change of clothes and shoes is completed. The design and size is closely linked to lifestyle and household size. When organizing the cloakroom, the maximum occupancy must be taken into account.

Adaptation to space and use

Before buying or building a wardrobe, a theoretical plan is important. It must contain a balance between aesthetic and practical requirements. In order to avoid undersizing or oversizing, an attempt should be made to design a realistic use image.

Basic planning steps are divided into spatial specifications and the expected use. The more organized the later use is planned, the more functional and visually appealing the wardrobe will fulfill its task.

Structural and spatial conditions

In the first step, the requirements for the assembly and the available space should be assessed:

  • How far may the hanging clothes reach into the room, mostly hallway? As a rule of thumb, a passage width of one meter is used as the lower dimension.
  • Are the walls stable and can sturdy fittings or other fixings be installed?
  • Are wall coverings such as plaster or paints free of abrasion?

Type of use and scope:

  • How many people use the wardrobe normally? Is there a high visitor traffic?
  • What percentage of clothes should hang on hangers and hooks?
  • Shall / shoes must be accommodated garderobennah example in affiliated hall furniture
  • What percentage of clothing should hang on hangers?
  • Are special clothing habits such as sportswear, heavy coats and delicate designer goods to be considered?
  • Can hooks have pointed shapes or do you have to be textile-friendly because of overlapping possibilities?

Nine planning steps

1. Measure the mounting position
2. Determine hanging directions and types
3. Base maximum occupancy in winter
4. Calculate the number of hooks
5. Ensure load-bearing capacity
6. Pay attention to wall texture and clothing protection (also wet)
7. Evaluate visual effect in different degrees of utilization
8. Consider the specifics of clothing and habits
9. Calculate body size of users

Tips & Tricks

Discuss in advance with all household members what wishes everyone has at the cloakroom. Multiple opinions and views can make your adjustment result more decisive, lasting, and effective on a daily basis.

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