To consult a construction expert: What costs arise?

A construction expert has several standard services in his repertoire: You can use him for example for building damage analysis, as a consultant for home buying and energy consulting. There are different costs for these services and we provide you with concrete figures.

To order a construction expert: costs for building damage analysis

The hourly rate for a construction expert for such standard services is around 70 to 80 EUR. The expert must arrive for the appraisal of the respective building and usually charges additional travel costs.

The travel costs are either charged on a flat-rate basis or the surveyor requires a certain percentage in the low single-digit range of the total cost of the contract.

To consult a construction expert: What costs arise?: construction

A written opinion of the construction expert causes further costs. Expect a price of about 40 EUR per page - the reviewer can certainly give an approximate estimate of the scope of documentation after viewing the object.

Living area calculation and house purchase advice by building experts

We have put together a list that includes our price estimates for a floor area calculation and various home buying advice. It is always approximate, because the costs may vary regionally.

  • For a proper floor space calculation, a construction expert can usually pay staggered per room. For a 1-room apartment it requires about 100 EUR, then the prices per room in 10 or 20 steps increase.
  • For a home buyer's advice, a construction expert often gives a flat rate. For an average single-family dwelling you should count on about 400 EUR including arrival and departure.
  • The home buying advice for a normal two-family house by a building expert costs a bit more, it is about 500 EUR, again the travel costs are included.
  • The purchase advice for smaller commercial real estate or agricultural residual farms (up to 500 square meters usable area) costs the client approximately 600 EUR, if the entire object is to be judged.

The prices refer to pure consultation on site. If you want a written documentation, pay extra. A written report with a purchase price recommendation costs about 200 to 300 EUR.

Assessment of mold damage: Calculate costs

The construction expert looks closely at the condition on site in the case of mold infestation, takes photos and possibly takes samples of fungi. The term fee for a simple mold damage is approximately 250 to 350 EUR.

If there are several places in the same building affected by mold, then each additional damage to be inspected will cost about EUR 50 more. Maybe a consulting fee will be added extra.

A written mold expert's report by a construction expert will cost you about 250 EUR, with several infestations and different types of mushrooms it can also be more expensive.

Bausachverständiger: costs for an energy consultation

In times of rising energy prices, appointments for energy advice by a construction expert are becoming more and more frequent. The assessor determines thermal bridges and, if necessary, uses a simulation program.

The calculation of a thermal bridge costs the homeowner about 150 EUR, each additional thermal bridge on the same building is charged with approximately 100 EUR.

Energy consulting for Bafa and KfW is particularly complex.

Approximate costs

  • For buildings with heated floor space of up to 150 sqm, an appointment for on-site energy consultation costs about 700 to 900 EUR.
  • With larger living space you expect 200 EUR per 100 square meters more.
  • The subsequent expert declaration including the application to KfW will be charged at around 150 EUR.
  • During the renovation work of a house according to KfW efficiency criteria the construction expert can carry out the quality assurance. These costs will be charged according to personal offer.
  • The energy certificate for a detached house costs the client about 300 EUR, the additional fee of about 400 EUR is added.
  • For a two-family house, a construction expert will charge a cost of about 350 EUR, plus the fixed fee. Apartment buildings are correspondingly more expensive.
  • A Blowerdoor test for a detached house including certification costs you approximately 400 EUR. The subsequent leak location is calculated at an hourly rate of approx. EUR 100. The report will be charged extra by the construction expert.

Keep costs for private appraisals low

When the surveyor works in the private sector, clients often only ask for advice that does not require written documentation. Talk carefully to the expert as to whether an expensive written opinion can be avoided in your case.

The term fee is of course still to pay, but this is much lower than if you have to pay an additional writing fee.

Tips & Tricks

Explain in detail with the construction expert all costs incurred in advance. With already known expenditure you should let the exact final price be called, in order not to be surprised by hidden cost factors negatively.

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