Remove construction foam from the skin

When working with construction foam, it can quickly happen that this gets on the skin - especially on the hands. In the following guidebook, we will therefore show you ways to get PU foam from your hands or skin.

Definition of construction foam

Tree foam is known by many names. Whether PU foam, mounting foam, Zargenschaum, insulating foam or insulating foam, it is always very similar foams, which are mainly produced on the basis of polyurethane. Hence the name PU foam.

Versatile application possibilities

From it also at the same time the numerous uses can be derived. As versatile mounting foam can be used, so are the procedures when processing the mounting foam. This in turn means that you can get the PU foam quickly on the skin.

Quickly also building foam remainders on the skin

Construction foam sticks quickly to your hands and dries. The removal is not always easy. There are several options to choose from, such as removing the foam from your hands or skin:

  • mechanical removal
  • chemical removal
  • preventive protection

Mechanical removal of PU foam from the skin

A typical removal tool is the hand or fingernail brush. However, the mounting foam really sticks extremely well on the skin. This means you have to scrub pretty intensively until the mounting foam is reasonably removed. Especially for people with very sensitive skin, this method is therefore limited. The situation is similar with the simultaneous use of hand washing paste.

Remove construction foam with chemicals from the hands

What's perfect for removing construction foam are special PU foam cleaners and acetone. However, the former are extremely risky for use on the skin because the exact composition is not known or is not clear because of the chemical terms. Acetone, on the other hand, can be used once or twice to remove PU foam from the hands.

However, acetone is not entirely uncritical. The acetone removes moisture from the skin. As a result, the skin becomes embrittled, becomes chapped and can lead to bloody and, above all, painful encrustations. Overall, the hands are also very brittle, even if you always use a correspondingly rich hand cream after cleaning. If you only need to clean your hands of building foam for a change, acetone is okay. Not with regular use.

Preventively protect skin and hands against PU foam

Then, above all, a preventative protection of the hands is an option. So Bauschaum basically does not hold on oily or greasy surfaces. So cream your hands well before working with PU foam and remove build-up foam residue instantly, leaving your skin largely spared from sticky foam. But also thin breathable rubber gloves would be a suitable measure, so you do not have to clean your hands of PU foam.

Tips & Tricks

Building foam can be uncomfortable to remove, not just on the hands or skin. Even removing construction foam from clothing can be difficult.

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