The construction of a balcony seal must be well planned

Penetrating water and frost are a dangerous combination that can permanently affect even the statics of a balcony. A careful sealing of the balcony, on the other hand, serves to preserve the building fabric. But what does the professional construction of a balcony seal look like? It depends on the type of coating, but always a solid substrate must be made.

The substrate for the balcony seal

If it is an older balcony, where damage has already occurred, it should first be checked by the specialist, whether the static is still flawless. If the balcony is still usable, first make a clean surface for the seal.

Remove the old, damaged flooring completely, with a concrete grinder fight even stubborn adhesive and mortar residues. Then clean the surface thoroughly, let it dry completely and then fill in any imperfections.

Now you can apply your balcony seal, the structure differs depending on the material used. For example, you can use the following means of sealing:

  • bitumen
  • waterproofing foil
  • mineral sealing mud
  • Use liquid plastic.

Building a balcony seal: this is how you proceed correctly

First of all, make sure that the balcony slab has a gradient of 1 to 2%, so that the rainwater can flow off as unhindered as possible. If this is not the case, you can, for example, help with drainage mats.

The edge zone seal is particularly important because it is often neglected. Always pull your seal a few inches up the wall, use weatherstrip or terminal strips.

For a seal coat, the material should always be applied extra thick at the edges, followed by a sizing to the surface. Liquid plastics are often applied in several layers, for the later sticking of tiles sprinkle quartz sand.

You should pay particular attention to this

For every type of balcony waterproofing, it is crucial to cover the balcony slab over its entire surface. So, foils and bituminous sheets should always be glued overlapping, paintings should not show any defects.

A slurry is best applied in two layers first longitudinally and then across, to cover really all places. Even with the bitumen coating can be moved in this way.

Before you apply the actual flooring, the seal must have dried well. Keep in mind that hard-to-glue surfaces are often hard to remove in a later sanitation process, so maybe you'll find a better alternative.

Tips & Tricks

A high quality liquid plastic can be sealing and decorative flooring at the same time!

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