The construction of a family house - conclusion

Are you interested in a single-family home? This article summarizes all important information about the construction for you, presents the special advantages in the construction of detached houses and concludes, if this effort is worthwhile.

Less living space - less effort

Since the family home is designed to accommodate only one family, possibly even an additional granny flat, the construction time, the effort and of course the costs are lower than other, mostly larger house types. This advantage clearly shows how important an individual design is: too much space means higher costs and an unnecessarily high overhead.

But just as important is that the living space is not too small. Especially with single-family homes, they should pay attention to a clever floor plan already during the planning phase, which makes the best possible use of the available space. For example, if you are planning to have children, an adaptation of the living space is recommended in advance: it is usually much cheaper than retrofitting.

The construction of a family house - conclusion: family

Prefabricated or solid house?

The question of design is also crucial in the construction of single-family homes. There is no "right" or "wrong", because both prefabricated and solid house have their individual advantages: While the prefabricated construction is characterized by a significantly lower construction, the massive house scores with more individuality and a more massive design that improves the sound insulation,

For a more detailed discussion of this topic, see this article. If it's just about the construction and the construction time, you have a clear advantage with the prefabricated house, without sacrificing quality.

Why a family house?

Most buyers or builders of a single-family home have previously lived in condominiums or rental apartments. Therefore, the question arises: What advantages does the single-family house offer me? The spatial distance to the neighbors and the free design of the living space are only examples, but already show: The life in the own house is completely different than that in an apartment.

Therefore, effort and costs are worthwhile in any case. At the latest when your home loan is settled, you will recognize the worthwhile of the initially high effort and investment.

Not always the right choice

But there are also cases in which you should think about a house type other than the family house. If, for example, you need a lot of space or value the fact that several generations can live together in the house, a two-family house is advisable. Despite the price savings and the lower cost, there are enough reasons that speak against the family home.

Tips & Tricks

All the decisions that you make when planning and building a house determine your life to a certain extent. Therefore, you should choose all businesses, craftsmen and other parties involved in your home construction properly, because one thing is certain: the cheapest provider is not necessarily the best.

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