Construction of the bottom plate without cellar

Above all, a basement without a basement has to fulfill two functions: It distributes the weight of the building evenly and prevents soil deformations which can lead to damage to the house. To ensure these core requirements, the structure must comply with static laws.

foundation types

The "legs" of a floor slab are the foundations. There are flat and deep foundations, which are also known as foundations. For a base plate without cellar flat foundations are common.

The flat foundations are subdivided into strip or single foundations and the foundation plate. According to the name strip foundations are elongated and are mainly used under the outer walls. Single foundations are placed under load bearing walls or pillars of the structure.

Construction of the bottom plate without cellar: cellar

As the third type of foundation, the floor slab itself is the foundation over the whole area. The advantage is the lower and equal-depth excavation of the earth. In addition, the client saves a separate first operation, the setting and drying of the foundations under the floor slab.

Body depth and insulation

A basement without basement must have a standard depth of at least eighty centimeters. Depending on the region and altitude, it must be watered more. In frosty altitudes from a thousand meters with very cold winter temperatures, the bottom plate must be at least 150 millimeters thick.

After the excavation and the possible setting of the strip and individual foundations, the so-called cleanliness layer must be filled into the excavation. The five centimeter thick gravel or lean concrete layer protects the floor slab from moisture.

On the cleanliness layer, the bottom plate is poured without a cellar. Steel reinforcements are inserted into the concrete after the first casting. For further thermal insulation, foam glass, polyurethane foam or a polystyrene perimeter insulation layer can be inserted under the floor slab prior to casting.

Tips & Tricks

A special type of floor plate is the Schwedenplatte. It is also called a thermo floor plate and insulates without additional insulation layer. If you want to use a Sweden plate, you have to calculate with the doubling of the costs.