The construction of a conservatory - important decision

The construction of the winter garden must guarantee a long life for the sunny new room. It should also not be forgotten that some designs are not maintenance-free. In addition, the construction should prevent long lasting thermal bridges.

Choice of material for construction

Basically, three different materials are often used for conservatories. They have all their advantages and disadvantages during construction and later use.

  • Steel - must be protected from rust
  • Aluminum - may be too light during a storm
  • Wood - requires regular wood protection

Other materials

In addition to the three materials that are often used for the construction, winter gardens made of a sturdy plastic frame and solid masonry conservatories are also popular. Of course, these two variants not only have advantages.

A plastic construction can, contrary to the specifications of the manufacturer, harden and become brittle. The lifetime is therefore not quite as high as the price suggests in part.

In the massive conservatory comes in addition to the high workload, a certain limitation on the size of the windows and doors added.

Kit for lightweight construction

Most of the conservatory kits on the market are made of either wood or aluminum. Since all parts are already prefabricated, such kits can be easily built by the homeowner himself.

Another advantage is the often quite low price of these designs. Nevertheless, they also have disadvantages, since the processing is usually not sufficient for a residential conservatory. Most of the finished kits are not heatable, as a thermal insulation is missing.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to grow a conservatory as a tenant of a house, you should resort to a simple Anlehnwintergarten made of aluminum profiles. You can take this with you, if the tenancy ends once. However, you must apply for a building permit even with such a conservatory and of course before your landlord ask for permission.

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