Construction site in the house? Cover the stairs well!

During construction and renovation work in the house, the staircase is in danger of causing any damage. Especially when there is a lot of building rubble or the craftsmen have to transport heavy equipment up and down, a thorough staircase cover is required to keep out dirt and damage. Which materials are recommended for this?

Cover staircase with paint fleece

A particularly useful material for covering the stairs during renovations is the Malervlies, also called renovation fleece. The relatively thick, felt-like material is available as roll material, the square meter costs about 40 cents.

Good painting fleece absorbs colors and moisture, but does not penetrate to the ground. So the stairs stay nice and clean - and the shoe soles do not distribute so much dirt and color.

In addition, this fleece pads well against fine and coarse rubble, which otherwise leaves ugly scratches in the surfaces. However, it is advisable to glue several layers of paint fleece on top of each other to make sure that nothing goes through.

How to attach the painter fleece

Loses laying does not use on much-used thoroughfares, the fleece shifts quickly. Stick it to the floor with wide strips of painter's crepe. At each step, fold the cover material around the front edge and glue it to the bottom.

Fix the fleece also at the edges carefully, proceed step by step. It takes some time, but it's worth it to protect the stairs really well. Also remember to wrap the stair rail in foil.

Cover stairs: alternatives to the painter fleece

Of course, there are alternatives to the Malervlies, which can even be cheaper. The following easy-to-obtain materials are helpful:

  • Stick thick cardboard on the steps, which you feed with foil to block color and water.
  • Even old wallpaper, also lined with foil, keep dirt and building rubble away. However, when the wallpaper is too thin, individual pebbles can sink into delicate surfaces.
  • Also, an old PVC coating does its job here, above all, it protects well from pushing stones and debris and is also waterproof. However, he does not attach easily to the steps.

Tips & Tricks

If the stairs are also in need of renovation, it is advisable to renovate them after the other renovations. But you should cover anyway, especially if you do not want to completely cover the stairs afterwards.

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