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  • A contact grill is an electronically operated grill for grilling vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, even within your own four walls.
  • The cleaning of a contact grill is very simple thanks to non-stick coated grilling surfaces and should not cause you any major problems.
  • The preparation of food with such a device takes place comparatively quickly and easily and is also thanks to a collection container for frying fat even healthier than a conventional grill.

Contact grill comparison 2018: grill

Barbecuing is not in-house? Sure, of course! The contact grill makes it possible. And twice as good as with a regular grill, because that's what makes a contact grill: The turning no longer necessary, because the grill works on both sides and lets you quickly and easily conjure up delicious delicacies for yourself and your friends. At a flat-sharing party, a family party in the garden or simply alone on a cozy evening in the home, a contact grill is always practical.

The good piece is here just as useful for the responsible vegan or vegetarian as for the classic meat fanatic, In our contact grill comparison 2018 we will inform you about the subtleties of the use and also on small recipe ideas.

1. What is a contact grill and what makes it special?

Contact grill comparison 2018: grill

With a contact grill, here the Tristar GR-2841, you can create wonderful little burger delicacies.

First of all: a contact grill is not a grill in the traditional sense, because it works with electricity (and sometimes gas) and completely dispenses with charcoal. This type of grill cooked the food by the Transfer of heat through the electronics, From an electric grill or a gas grill, the comparatively small contact grills also differ clearly, because the most noticeable feature is the two-sided heat treatment of the food.

Even if they often like to use pans to roast meat or hazelnut tofu, they are hardly comparable in use to such a table grill. As with only a good sandwich maker, you can use this device to turn slices of bread into crunchy delicacies. We have the common ones below Advantages and disadvantages of a contact grill clearly summarized:

  • handy: small and easy to carry
  • portable: usable in living rooms such as kitchen, on the balcony or the terrace
  • due to the electricity connection also allowed in places where a campfire or an open fire is not allowed (eg on the hotel's own balcony or on the campsite)
  • works without heating up and preheating
  • healthier than a regular grill through drip tray
  • comes without typical smoke
  • often dishwasher safe
  • dispenses with pleasant smoke flavors
  • not usable in the wild by being dependent on a power source
  • sometimes miss typical barbecue feeling
  • offers relatively little space

The three functions of a contact grill we explain in the following small overview:

closed lid

Contact grill comparison 2018: contact

perfect for food that should have direct contact with both sides of the grill, for example (vegetarian) Burger or sandwiches.
Lid is located just above the food to be grilled

Contact grill comparison 2018: contact

for grilled food, which should have no direct contact with the grill on the upper side, so ideal, for example. for cheeses topped with cheese
open lid

Contact grill comparison 2018: grill

completely opened lid serves as another grill surface - is best for Barbecue in the "classical sense",allows turning of the food

2. What offers which price range with a contact grill?

Contact or table grills can be arranged less in types or types or even differentiated by functions, but rather sorted into price classes. With the following table we give you one Overview of the standard equipment and the expected range of functions within the following price ranges:

priceFeatures of the price range

cheap contact grills for up to 30 euros
  • The upper grill plate is usually movable, thus adapts to the thickness of the food
  • Oil spout and drip tray, which you can clean in the dishwasher
  • a manually adjustable thermostat
  • rapid heating of the (non-stick coated) grill plates

medium price contact grills for up to 60 Euro
  • larger grill areas
  • individual grill plates that can be heated independently
  • Removable plates can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher

expensive contact grills for up to 100 euros
  • automatic temperature adjustment, thus the grill cycle adapts to meat and vegetables or other grilled food
  • including indicator light, which makes grilling easier as it lights up as soon as the food is cooked
  • different grill programs

3. Purchase advice for contact grills: You should take care of that

Contact grills differ primarily - as with any electrical appliance - by their performance. The exact wattage, however, can be quite deceptive. Likewise Of importance are therefore the design and the materials used. In most contract barbecue tests, it is therefore stated that a good model should in any case be capable of at least 2,000 watts.

What is the CE marking?

With this marking, manufacturers have been declaring since 1985 that their products (in accordance with EU Regulation 765/2008) "comply with the applicable requirements laid down in the Harmonization legislation fixed by the Community ". It's about here, among other things risk assessment. CE stands for Communauté Européennethat is the French name of the EU predecessor community.

At the same time it is it is essential that the device stays as cool as possible from the outside. This not only applies to the handles, but also the lid and the fitting. If the insulation is insufficient, too much heat escapes, which damages the food and in the worst case can cause unnecessary burns if the surface is accidentally touched.

In addition, the quality should stand in the foreground. So there are quite a lot of very cheap models, but you should in any case Make sure that your desired model is also CE-approved, which corresponds to the current EU standards. In a high-quality model, the food should roast from the outside evenly, without you having to make the inside of the juiciness in the interior.

Contact grill comparison 2018: 2018

On the front of this contact grill of "TV Our Original" are the temperature controller and the two control lights.

Also important is the appropriate coating of your grill. Normally grill residues should be easy to remove from the plates with a good coating, without having to scratch it so laboriously. Depending on the model, the grill surface can be smooth or ribbed - in some models, both are available.

Finally, the temperature control of the contact grill is of great importance, because the device should be stepless adjustable at best, which allows the temperature can be set exactly. It is also important that the temperature can be evenly distributed over the entire grill plate away and not heated about the unfolded lid faster than the opposite side.

Tip: The vast majority of contact grills available on the market are equipped with a non-stick plate. But also pay attention to the presence of a drip tray to drip off the excess frying fat.

The on or off button on some devices is only limited sense, since you It is best to disconnect the device from the power supply after use, In any case, the temperature controller and the associated control lamps should also be recognizable and operable if the appliance has made too much acquaintance with grease and food particles.

4. Care tips for the correct cleaning of the contact grill

Contact grill comparison 2018: 2018

In some contact grills, the grill plates can be easily cleaned with the dishwasher.

Basically, contact grills can be cleaned amazingly fast and efficiently. In particular, more expensive models not only have removable and also dishwasher-safe oil collector, The grill plates themselves are usually dishwasher-compatible without any problems.

Of course, you can also manually remove simple fat splashes with dish soap and a moistened cloth.

Should nevertheless be rough spots, For example, because the cleaning of the contact grill was neglected in the heat of the moment after a party, one can fall back on the often supplied scraper.

Note: We recommend that the grill surface be laid on top of each other after use with several wet wipes and then the lid closed. After eating, all you have to do is remove the cloths and wipe them out again.

Do not use pot sponges or other particularly coarse cleaning sponges as these remove the coating on the contact grill plates or scratch off.

5. Further questions and answers about the contact grill

5.1. What are the main manufacturers and brands?

The most important manufacturers of contact grills include the following:

  • Bomann
  • Unold
  • Bosch
  • De'Longhi
  • Grundig
  • Kenwood
  • Klarstein
  • Lakeland
  • Palson
  • Rommelsbacher
  • Severin
  • Tefal

5.2. Can a contact grill also be used inside the apartment?

Absolute! The contact grill has been developed for use within one's own walls, but also on the balcony, the terrace and wherever there are also sockets. It is officially allowed to use contact and electric barbecues because of the low level of smoke within closed living spaces.

Danger: Always make sure to remove your contact grill from the mains after use, so it is best to pull the plug out of the socket.

5.3. Where can I find good recipes for dishes that can be created using a contact grill?

In principle, there are no limits to your creativity when preparing food using a contact grill. Should there be a shortage of ideas, there is an abundance of instructions on the Internet for either classic, unusual and at the same time really delicious dishes that will surprise even die-hard BBQ experts as well as daring experimentalists. Try this recipe page once.

Tip: In the course of the vegetarian boom, vegan-vegetarian grilled dishes are becoming more and more of a focus. Try grilled vegetables, smoked tofu, oyster mushrooms or tofu tomato pesto with wild garlic. Sophisticated vegan grill recipes can be found here.

In the following, we do not want to deprive you of the recipe for our favorite dish:

Vegetable burger with eggplant cream

Ingredients for 4 persons):

2 cloves of garlic
1 shallot
1 small eggplant
2 tbsp olive oil
2 teaspoons spicy mustard
salt and pepper
1 tomato
some leaves of lettuce
4 frozen vegetable burgers
4 burger rolls
4 tablespoons fried onions
50 g of mung bean sprouts


  1. Remove shallot and garlic and cut into cubes. Clean eggplant well, wash and then dice. Heat these three ingredients in a tablespoon of oil and sauté, then steam (100 ml water / 12 min). Salt and pepper the mixture. Finally, purée with mustard.
  2. Now to the tomato: clean, remove the stem and slice the pulp. Continue with the salad: clean the leaves and gently pat dry.
  3. Place an oiled aluminum dish on the contact grill; fry the vegetable burger for at least 8 minutes.
  4. Final: Cut open the burger roll and spread the eggplant cream on the inside of each half. Place the tomato, lettuce, sprouts, roasted onions and vegetable patty on the lower half of the bread roll as desired and then place the top on top. Finished!

More interesting as well as sophisticated recipes can be found here.

5.4. Is there already a contact grill comparison at Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has already carried out a number of tests on electric barbecues, but not exclusively on contact barbecues, although the vast majority of the barbecues tested can confidently be counted in the category of contact barbecues. Here you will find that Result of a surface grill test of the foundation from June 2015.

Last but not least a short product video about the popular model "Optigrill" by Tefal:

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