Salary Roofer - how much is it?

Anyone who likes to move at dizzy heights would still like to be paid appropriately. How high the salaries of a roofer after training fail, we show clearly here. So one is always there in negotiations informed.

Starting salary for roofers

The starting salary for a trained roofer is approximately between 1,500 and 2,000 euros. The fluctuations are not only in the region where you are looking for a job as a roofer, but also on your own qualifications.

Professional years are the most important factor

In the salary calculation, the most important factors are the professional years that the journeyman completed after the training. If these years have been completed in a particularly respected and technically experienced roofing company, they count a bit more.

Additional skills - extra money

Each additional training can be clearly reflected in the salary account on a monthly basis. It does not always have to be a job-specific skill that can cause a boss to pay more.

Of course, obvious skills such as a welder's license or a forklift driver's license also bring more salary for a roofer. But such unusual skills as a great sales talent or computer skills are also impressive for a boss.

Salary often age-dependent

Perhaps not quite fair is the salary with the same qualifications also dependent on the age of the roofer. If a beginner in the roofing trade is already in his late twenties, he will receive on average about 200 euros a month more than a 18 to 20 year old, who has also completed his education.

Bachelors live cheaper?

Also probably not fair, with the same work performance and qualification is the fact that bachelors usually get a little less than married roofers. However, this fact is put into perspective after about three to five years as a roofing journeyman.

What the salary of a roofer depends on

  • Qualifications (include non-professional knowledge)
  • professional years
  • Age / marital status
  • Region / state
  • negotiating skills

Tips & Tricks

No matter where you live, in the end everything is negotiable. Therefore, work through your documents and prepare well for each job interview.

If you are still unsure, coach yourself. You will soon get back this investment with the salary payments.

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