Separate cooker and ceramic hob

When planning kitchens, the question arises again and again, whether it is possible to connect the ceramic hob and oven separately. What are the requirements for how to realize such a connection, and what can cost the production, you will learn in this post.

Luminous flux and three-phase current

What is commonly referred to as "heavy current" is actually called "power current or three-phase current". While ordinary "luminous flux" is only two-phase alternating current, three-phase current is three-phase.

Behind this is a complex physics - the result is briefly summarized but the following: Devices with comparatively low power can be connected to luminous flux, while devices with higher power require three-phase.

Heating capacities of oven and ceramic hob

An oven (without electric stove) usually has a capacity of up to 4 kW. In a normal lighting circuit, the operation is just possible. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the oven is hung on its own lighting circuit (no other devices may be connected to this circuit).

At the Cerankochfeld the performance looks a bit different. In full operation, 7 to 11 kW of power are required here. Luminous flux is no longer sufficient for this. This would only work if you only use two hotplates - as soon as a third one is turned on, the fuse will fail because of overloading the circuit.

This also applies to any other self-sufficient hob.

connection options

This offers various connection options:

  • Oven to a free socket (own circuit), Ceranfeld to three-phase connection
  • Inserting a so-called power splitter
  • Installation of a cooker junction box with two outputs

The first solution is the simplest possible, if a free socket is available. Without problems, however, is also possible to split a single three-phase connection for two devices. Such an configuration can easily be made by an electrician. The costs are well below 100 EUR

Tips & Tricks

Under no circumstances should you carry out such installation work yourself. Connections may only be made and connected by licensed electricians! Improper work is life-threatening and may endanger others later!

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