Stove connection in the old building - what problems can there be?

If you want to connect your new stove in the old building, you may occasionally have problems with the connection. Find out where the difficulties lie and what remedies are available in this post.

Requirements for the stove connection

A commercial electric cooker (whether with steel plates or ceramic hob) must today be connected almost exclusively to three-phase three-phase current. Together with the other two required conductors (N and PE), there should be at least 5 cables for the stove connection. If that's not the case, it usually gets problematic.

The hob of a modern electric cooker has such a high connected load that three-phase current is needed. When the oven is almost always a connection to the normal, with 16 A fused AC mains possible (ovens have less than half the power consumption compared to the hob). The prerequisite is of course that both parts can be connected separately.

Produce three-phase connection subsequently

If the existing installation permits, and the installation of a three-phase meter in the meter box is also possible, a three-phase connection can often be made quite inexpensively.

However, if the necessary conditions are not met, massive renovation work is required. Already the material price for such conversions would usually be well over 1,500 EUR. It's not always worth it for a stove alone.

Herd "bridge"

The electrician can still connect most stoves to the AC mains in many cases by "bridging" the individual phases. However, this configuration may not be possible in all herds, in individual cases, the electrician must clarify locally what is possible.

Cross section

In some cases, it may happen that the conductor cross-sections are not sufficient (at least 2.5 mm² are required in each case). If this is not the case, the remedy can be complex. What is necessary to solve the problem can also be determined by the electrician on site.

Tips & Tricks

Not only the connection but also the disconnection of a hearth should never be done by yourself! Before disconnecting it is imperative to make a correct test for no voltage (measurement). Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock!

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